Monday, May 4, 2009

Fedor vs Aoki Video

I don't really know what was expected from this fight but hopefully it was not athletic competition. Shinya Aoki is one of the top 155lb fighters in the world but putting him against Fedor the top heavyweight in the World is a joke. M1 should be ashamed for putting this fight together. You can only guess how this joke of a fight turned out. I haven't done my research but I hope to Bob this wasn't a PPV event. People paid to see these top two fighters in M1 go at and what they got was a shit-box and an insult.

What are your thoughts??

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Smeds said...

It wasn't a real fight, it was an exhibition match for the crowd's enjoyment. I thought it was awesome that they would do that. Exhibition matches are very popular in Japan, I wish they would throw one every once in a while on a UFC card. Its cool because you get to see techniques rarely used in real fights and fighters in the ring together that would never really be able to fight one another.