Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Xylopholks

What's better than Cookie Monster and a pink gorilla performing 1920's ragtime music in a New York subway?

I know! I couldn't think of anything either.

The band known only as The Xylopholks have been lighting up YouTube lately performing on a busy NYC subway platform. Hailing from the most diverse musical borough on the planet (Brooklyn), The Xylopholks definitely fit the eclectic musical persona of Bucktown musicians.

Check this out ... crazy


Black said...

Money, but I mean the real question remains. Who wins in a chug-off, the Gorilla or C Mons? My Money is on the Gorilla.

jugsy said...

i would definately drop a c-note or two in their case, should i ever turn a corner and see this spectacle.

i gotta take the c-mons