Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What Are They Doing These Days?

This is the official Ahhhfuckit version of Where Are They Now?

This series will feature those people everyone remembers but conveniently forgets about when they leave the limelight.

By special request:

"Tarzan" Dan Freeman

What the FIZZ is Tarzan Dan up to these days?? After being an awesome radio personality on AM 640 and 680 and Energy 108 WAY BACK in the day killing countdowns and playing the jungle call daily, Dan moved on. "To what?" you may ask. To YTV hosting the HIT LIST. Tarzan knew where it was at, this dude has played strictly certified bangers his entire life. Tarzan Dan has made a career of counting to 10, how many people can say that? But what the hell is he up to now? Well, besides having broadcast in every major city west of T Dot, Tarzan Dan is STILL doing radio for SUN FM in Kelowna, BC. Although his myspace page has been either canceled or deleted he is still somewhat active on YouTube, his account (if you wanna friend him up) is TarzanDan1. He comments on old videos of himself, damn he is good. You don't really appreciate a good radio personality 'til you lose one.

Cheers to Tarzan Dan

Let's reminisce over some retro Dan vids. Let us know if you like this series or if it's a dud. Throw some requests in there and they shall be fulfilled.

Check out the throw by Alanis

A little 680 AM? I think so
My vote goes to Prince.


Black said...

Jamming in the jungle. That was a great post. Who else they can say they made a career out of counting to ten? Who else can say they made a career by wearing shirts like that. Oh, YTV, how I miss you.

Tarzan Dan said...

hahaha... too nuts what comes up when ya type your name in google :) You can find me on FB... search