Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weirdo Interview: Billy Bob Thornton

Celebrity interviews aren't really news until the celebrity goes completely off the handle or becomes just plain ol' weird. There is something about celebrity insanity that grips us as a people and by people I mean humanity. In retrospect we will deny our celeb obsession like Judas did Christ (Happy Easter/Passover) but we all know humans have an ear for gossip and we love it.

For the most part, celebrity interviews are based on publicity or promotion. It is truly rare to get a good news quality interview out of celebrities. That's why when interviews get a little creepy and weird they in fact become news (no matter how non-essential it seems.)

Tom Cruise made headlines for his bizarre appearance on Oprah. This sparked speculation into the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise's affiliation to the organization.

Joaquin Phoenix recently made headlines for being a weirdo on Letterman. His mental state is now being called into question.

The latest weirdo interview to make news is from CBC radio and Billy Bob Thornton. Billy Bob was with his band the Boxmasters on QTV with Jian Ghomeshi promoting their music. The Boxmasters are currently touring Canada with Willie Nelson. Billy Bob had asked the producers of the show to not mention his film career at all during the interview. I guess Ghomeshi crossed the line by trying to give context to a relatively unknown band. Billy Bob took exception to this and stonewalled Ghomeshi for the rest of the interview. He also called Canadian audiences reserved, describing them as 'mashed potatoes without the gravy."

On the CBC blog you can find 100's of comments from people upset at Billy Bob's comments but I would say some Canadians are being a little over sensitive. Take some criticism for once without getting so uptight, jeez. Billy Bob was being a jerk, plain and simple. I don't consider this news... but it is WEIRD and there is video of it, so we eat it up.

Here is what you can expect from the Boxmasters

What do y'all think about Billy Bob and the Boxmasters??


Black said...

The truth is that the majority of the time, especially in Toronto venues, Canadian crowds are shit. They are boring and apprehensive of whether or not they should be feeling the music or not.

If I was to compare a show in Canada and a show down here in Mex, I'd rather see it down here every single time. Fans down here go to shows and really enjoy themselves, they sing along to the tunes in Broken English, they drink and dance the shit out of themselves. Now, it must be said that they aren't doing this to act cool, they usually seem to be doing this because they want to have a great time and love the music. They aren't looking around to see if other people are feeling it, they are just living in the moment at the mercy of the band, which is really nice to be a part of during a rock show.

emjay said...

Agreed, trendy, hipsters are too busy fixing their scarves to lose themselves in the music.

SCARVES are OVERRATED and so are hipster music buffs.

Smeds said...

Apparently Billy Bob apologized afterwards for talking shit about canadians. I wonder if the Joaquin/Billy Bob did their respective interviews just for publicity or if they are actually that fucked....

emjay said...

yea he apologized but should he have to? i mean it's stupid to say canadian fans are reserved right before you go on stage but if that is the reaction he gets from crowds up here then that is the truth. i would take that as constructive criticism rather than crying about it.