Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twitter Track

Mistah F.A.B. the bay area big shot who is known for going dumb diddy dumb on the yellow bus, ghost riding his whip at the side show and thizzing ridiculously has just released a track dedicated to the popular microblogging platform Twitter.

If you are still one of those people that are still asking, "What is Twitter?" or "I don't get Twitter." You are probably a Twater (Twitter Hater) or you are genuinely disconnected from life because Twitter has received more press than the Iraq War, Watergate and Hiroshima combined in the past 3 months. Get with the bloody times and Google something for Bob's sake. Twitter may not be for everyone but it is for at least 10 million people around the world and growing by absurd amounts daily... sorta like ahhhfuckit ahah I kid.

It was only a matter of time before someone did it, look out for the Twaters.

What do you think about Twitter? Are you on Twitter?

I am ... emjaydoesPR

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