Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tegan is a cunt

"I'm having trouble dealing with the fact I'm not relevant anymore so I make unsubstantiated criticisms on Twitter"

The Tegan I refer to is the Tegan from the boring 'indie' band Tegan and Sara. The reason I refer to her as a cunt is because of her recent twitter post, that went something like this:

"saw adventureland last night. if i have to c 1 more movie about indie rock nerd who sleeps with a hot girl to my fave music..ugh."

I have a number of problems with this comment. First, to complain that films are featuring 'indie rock nerds' sleeping with a hot girl is absolutely ridiculous.  Does Tegan not understand that movie characters like this are challenging movie archetypes? Would she rather movies return to featuring 'popular jock types' as the main characters like so many 21st century films? I mean if she were complaining about seeing another movie featuring a white indie rock nerd or straight indie rock nerd I could understand her complaints. Today's media does not do a good job representing racial diversity or sexual diversity. But, alas, she's not, she's just complaining for the sake of complaining, or for the sake of having an 'alternative' view.

Second, to refer to the music in Adventureland as her fave music is hilarious. The entire soundtrack is based on music from the 80s, featuring bands like Velvet Underground, Husker Du and Lou Reed. Is Tegan even old enough to remember the 80s? Does Tegan think she is the only person in the world who has listened to Lou Reed? I mean, obviously Tegan isn't the greatest at picking up on subtle jokes and cultural criticisms in film. The movie was obviously making a biting observation about people's obsession with Lou Reed in the late 80s. Not only that, but would Tegan rather movies be soundtracked by shitty bands? Would she rather have watched another tween romance soundtracked by Rise Against or some other bad band? Or is Tegan one of those lame people who only likes music until it gets popular?

Third, this criticism would have been much more accurate if it was written about Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Now that was a movie that was clearly looking to benefit from its connection to indie rock, and it also featured indie rock nerd pinup Michael Cera. But again, I think it comes down to the fact that Tegan probably doesn't have any real taste in film and was just trying to sound cool hating on a fairly good film.

I could go on, but than I think I might be treading the fine line of splitting hairs. Come to think of it, Tegan and Sara haven't had problems getting into bed with corporate interests before, think Roger's Picnic or numerous licensing of their songs, maybe she's pissed that her band hasn't been asked to contribute a song to any of these 'indie rock nerd sleeps with a hot girl' films in a minute now. I guess coming to the realization that you aren't as relevant as you once were is tough to come to grips with, so lashing out at a decent film is a way to deal with those feelings.


Black said...

Red, I agree with the majority of your post and I bet she just wanted a little attention. I also think it is pretty interesting that you are chalking this up to her having a problem with coming to grips with the realization that she isn't as relevant anymore, a problem that every celebrity faces.

The part I don't agree with you is when you blast her "fave" music choices and criticize her for being too young. I mean I know for a fact that you admire bands that you are not old enough to remember or are able to truly appreciate because you weren't around during their time, which is kind of my point. In my opinion great music is timeless and has little to do with whether or not you were there during that particular period. I mean should I criticize you for listening to Bob Dylan because you don't remember the 60's? Or did you mean something else?

emjay said...

tegan is 28... sept. 19 1980

her twin sister is also 28, coincidentally born on the same day.

wikipedia that shit

((())) said...
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((())) said...

also, did you not read the part about the film making a biting criticism of people just like Tegan? that was really my main point from paragraph number 2

Laura said...

if she's so not "relevant" anymore and her "indie" band is so "boring", then why do you follow her specifically on twitter?

that tweet specifically was from tegan's personal profile, one where she would be allowed, as we all are, to post our opinions on movies and pop culture in general

((())) said...

i dont follow her specifically, actually the comment was pointed out to me by someone else.

but i firmly believe if you are going to make comments about films or pop culture in general, whether on twitter or not, one should make sure their opinion is at least informed. she clearly knows nothing about film if she is ready to lump a film like adventureland in with all the other 'indie boy gets with hot chick movies'. because anyone with half a brain and any knowledge of film would realize that it deserves more love than that.

and yes, tegan and sara is the worst kind of 'indie'. boring as fuck.

Laura said...

so red, you really loved Adventureland this much?!?!