Thursday, April 2, 2009

Next Poll: Dead or Alive, who would you invite over for a dinner party?

For our next poll, we will ask you to select the person, whether they are a celebrity or not is up to you, who you would like to have over for a dinner party. I am willing to accept the living or non-living, so the possibilities are endless. I am looking for suggestions for the poll, so please make a comment down below if there is someone you would like me to add to the list, or you will have to deal with my selections. The poll will go up sometime tomorrow, so get those suggestions in. Off the top of my head, some people that I can think of who would be pretty money to have over would be John Lennon, Chris Farley, Hugh Hefner, Friedrich Nietzsche and maybe even Natalie Portman. I think you will find that when you give this some thought, that it is actually quite entertaining to think of who you would want over.

So make some comments below.


Smeds said...

What about:

1. Bling Bling, that cracked out homeless guy from the bum fights video
2. Theo Huxtable
3. Sconew
4. Gill from the simpsons

Are fictional people included?

emjay said...

1. Martin Lawrence
2. Mark Twain
3. Osama bin Laden
4. Bob Marley
5. Joe Rogan

Black said...

This could be a long poll list, I say we don't include fictional characters and make that a different poll altogether. So hit me with some real people...

jugsy said...

Jason Mewes
Alec Baldwin
Tracy Jordan
Shyla Stylez
Amy Reid
Ashlynn Brooke
Will Ferrell
Vince Vaughn
Kate Hudson

i could go on for a while here... would you like me to continue?

jugsy said...

oh... MEGAN FOX... definately MEGAN FOX

Smeds said...

jugsy i think there are a couple of porn stars on your list if i'm not mistaken....

jugsy said...

you saying that you wouldn't invite a porn star or two to a party???

and you know that a dinner party would turn into a white-hot-blowout if you got porn stars involved.

Black said...


fahcurs said...

Jesus(or the guy who everyone classifed as Jesus)
that girl from my class