Monday, April 13, 2009

Nano Tech: The Future of Life

If we thought the Digital Revolution changed our world wait until the Nano Revolution hits full stride. Nanotechnology is still in its infancy but its applications and implications can already be seen by some revolutionary companies and labs.

Could you imagine tiny machines designed to destroy viruses and bacteria at a molecular level? What about nanobots that live inside your brain that repair and create new pathways for information to travel on? This type of technology is being funded and developed in labs around the world. Canada's National Institute for Nanotechnology is housed at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and at 20,000 square feet it is one of the largest nanotech labs in the world.

Still having trouble visualizing how nanotechnology will change your life?

Imagine a telephone that can change its shape to fit around your wrist and match your outfit, a phone charge its battery using solar cells or a phone that can observe our environment and even identify SMELLS. These are some of the possibilities Nokia is looking at in the future of their mobile devices.

The Nokia Morph is a revolutionary piece of machinery that will make a difference in people's daily lives. This type of innovation and technology is going to change life on this planet as we know it.

Don't believe me?? Check this video from Nokia introducing the Nokia Morph. I'm interested in what everyone has to think about this technology. Are you for or against nanotech?

For more on nanotech check out

Or National Institute of Nanotechnology (Canada)


Palehorse 222 said...

Nice read, thanks Matt.ya know, they say what we are told "They" are 50 to atleast 100 hundred years ahead. Very cool, nut still not as cool as the Star Wars Cnn Hologram interview (hahah) A Brave New World indeed.

emjay said...

"they" being the military industrial but even commercial labs are developing tech that would make Tesla raise his eyebrows.