Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Losers always whine about their best, but what do winners do?

In preparation for my trip to San Francisco next week, I threw on The Rock today to get a little taste of Alcatraz and the San Fran Bay. The film still holds up pretty well and while Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer have made their fair share of shit sandwiches, this might be their golden cow. Nicolas Cage is still annoying as hell as he is in most films, but Sir Sean and Ed Harris make up the slack. In short, it's just a solid, entertaining action film that I thought was pretty money as a teenager. I've decided to throw up one of the more popular and ultimately most shitty lines from the film. I'm sure you will recognize it when you check it out below. I've also enclosed Lil' Wayne's latest shit sandwich, which shares a connection with the film clip. Enjoy, well, try your best to enjoy the Lil Wayne clip and feel free to make comments.

Losers and Winners according to John Mason:

Lil Wayne makes a Shit Sandwich

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