Friday, April 10, 2009

Kanye West on South Park: He's a Gay Fish

Kanye West got MURDERED last night on South Park, his words, not mine. I've thrown down the clip below, I am sure it is only a matter of time before it gets taken down, so I hope you catch it before it does because it's pretty funny. Now as we should expect, Kanye has already made his rebuttal. You can find his whole response at his blog here. In what reads like an confessional story, Kanye actually types, "I JUST WANNA BE A DOPER PERSON WHICH STARTS WITH ME NOT ALWAYS TELLING PEOPLE HOW DOPE I THINK I AM." Please excuse the capitals, but they are crucial when trying to convey Kanye speak.

We here at ahhhfuckit would like to wish Kanye all the best in becoming a DOPER person, as well as thank South Park for a great episode.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the story.

Kanye West on South Park:

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