Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blast From The Past: Snoop Dogg - Vapors

Time once again to take you back to the good ol' days. The days when we still bought CD's, watched (and taped)the Much Music Countdown and Tarzan Dan was still bringin' us the bangers on Energy 108.

This week's blast from the past takes us to the WEST SIDE LBC with a single off of Snoop Dogg's acclaimed second LP Tha Doggfather.

This album included hits such as: Upside Ya Head, SIXX Minutes and this banger right here:



Let us know if Snoop Dogg has influenced you during your childhood...

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Black said...

I would have to say that Doggystyle is still by far my favourite Rap album and while Tha Doggfather was kind of a let down as a follow up in my eyes, it certainly had its fair share of BANGERS. Now, Emjay, get off your ass and find a current picture of Tarzan Dan and give us some info on what the hell he is up to today.