Sunday, March 1, 2009

You want it, you got it...Asher Roth - I love College

Smeds called us out out for a post on Asher Roth's I love College and we here at Ahhhfuckit listen to feedback, so here it is. Now, Asher has not caught on at all down here in Mexico, but I am sure he is blowing the shit out of the U.S. and Canada right now. Sounding like a younger Enimem before he got so jaded, Roth's track is a musing on the joy of youth and the never ending party that is college. I would love to see some people comment below on what they think of this guy because upon researching the track I came upon this reaction from a Youtube user:

At first i didn't think this could be serious, I thought it was a satire....then I realized no, it REALLY IS a compilation of everything wrong and pathetic and weak and slimy and disgusting and retarded and shamelessly moronic and unbearably saddening about humanity.

So what do you think? Is Asher just another guy havin' some fun and makin' tunes for people to have a good time to? Or, is a symbol of what is wrong with humanity? While you are thinking about it, keep this maxim in mind, "Time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted."

Regardless of what you think, I am sure this track will be still kickin' this summer when I make my return to the Great White North. Make some comments.

ASHER ROTH: I love College


emjay said...

he was voted for rookie of the year ... i think im feeling kid cudi a lil more than asher roth though.

Smeds said...

Sweet post Mr. Black, I think the kid is real talented and that song sums up most of our university careers i think. Apparently a record exec found him rapping in his dorm when he went to sign him. I also heard that when they brought him back, he freestyled in front of Jay-z for 150 bars straight.

jugsy said...

i prefer the "emjay-male hookers" version of this song. still pretty solid though