Sunday, March 29, 2009

What the Fuck? No More Flight of the Conchords?

Season 2 of the series The Flight of the Conchords has wrapped up and judging by the finale and internet gossip, there is chance that we have witnessed the end of the show. Season 2 had it's share of dull moments, but overall it was pretty tight. The songs were great and the last 3 episodes kicked some serious ass. I hope this is not the last we will see of these guys. I mean what the else is the actress who plays Mel going to do? I've included a video clip from the last episode that I feel showcases the genius of the show. The clip features the Conchords engaged in a 'Everyday Sounds' jam that just makes me laugh to myself. Jemaine's use of the pigeons is classic. Also, if anyone knows where I can pick myself up a pair of those Penguin pyjamas that Bret is sporting please throw the information down in the comment box because I need to pick some up.

Everyday Sounds


emjay said...

the internet says HBO won't pick it up again.

it's kinda sad because there was some really genius work that came from of FOTC.

If you can't get enough of sexy Jemaine, check out the movie Eagle vs Shark his co-star is equally sexy.

jugsy said...

The actress who plays Mel, is Kristen Schaal and she is a correspondent for the daily show.

i believe she also does stand-up but i wouldn't quote me on it.

...also, quite disappointed in the final episode. just didn't have that certain 'i-don't-know-what' to it

Eni said...

I just got to watch the 2 seasons of fotc...and i also need those pyjamas with the pingvins... one year ago you wanted them too. could you find since?:D
well, this is message is like SETI i guess.