Saturday, March 7, 2009

Street Musicians > Life

I've had some incredible opportunities not only to travel across this great nation of ours but I've also had the chance to live and work in three provinces (Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia). These opportunities have exposed me to all sorts of unique people and incredible talents. And by incredible talents I mean ridiculous street musicians.

I'm planning on video taping any and every interesting or just plain ridiculous street musician I see from now on because they provide some great content for the blog.

My first two videos will feature an artist from Nanaimo, British Columbia. A soul-filled blues diddy that amazed my Mohawk College vball teammates. My buddy The Hench snapped this wicked vid and trust me it never gets old. Listen closely to the lyrics as Old Man Blues Tune sends a powerful message to 'di yout dem'

This next video is in two parts ...Disclaimer: I'm super shit at taking videos but I promise my skills will improve and this content is worth it or I wouldn't post it.

I was at the Calgary Farmer's Market this afternoon and had the pleasure to see Dan the One Man Band. Dan rips it and was a really nice guy, he was a real hit at the

If you have any ridiculous personal encounters with street musicians, videotape it and/or get pics and we will post them.

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Black said...

That was a pretty sweet close up of the garbage can and your knee. Pretty Women rocked shit out.