Saturday, March 7, 2009

Show Me Some Mountains

Last weekend me and the LF hit up Banff and Lake Louise for a romance getaway and let me tell you the aesthetics of these places are not justifiable by photograph alone. Do yourself a favor in life and travel around Canada because there are some truly breathtaking places that we tend to take for granted. This was my first time out in the Banff/Lake Louise area, take a gander at some of the pics I snapped.

The picture above is from Lake Louise. This little river connects to the bigger Lake and is right beside the extraordinarily posh Fairmont Lake Louise hotel.

When the sunrise hits the mountains in Banff. This is what you see from your hotel balcony

The top of Sulpher Mountain in Banff gives you an astounding view of the Canadian Rockies.

And finally, this shot was taken from the side of the highway. It's pretty much impossible not to stop and take in the scenery on the Highway 1.

I love pretty pictures from not so far away places and your own backyard is chalk full of them. Next time any of you scallywags are out and about, don't forget to take in the scenery, snap a couple pics and share the beauty.

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