Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rootbeer sounds good

Pigeon John and Flynn Adam, collectively known as Rootbeer dropped their debut EP entitled The Pink Limousine on March 10. It's a really upbeat record that is definitely worth a listen. No official music videos yet but they do have a bunch of live footage. If you want to hear more of what they describe as "MGMT injected with some N.E.R.D and A Tribe Called Quest." The I recommend checking out their MYSPACE.

I'm sorta falling in love with this EP really quickly. It's got some awesome samples from my favourite Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique. I would say they sound like a mature Black Eyed Peas. Heavy on that L.A. pop, awesome on the ears, for real.

Since most of their EP is posted on their Myspace Page, you might as well just download it --> Pink Limousine.
PASSWORD = r00tb33r

Rootbeer performing So Good Live @ The Knitting Factory

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