Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poll Results: What is your dream country?

It was a close race, but Australia prevailed as your vote for dream vacation country. Home to Paul Hogan, Koalas and Foster's Lager, it is hard to say it wasn't a great choice. We were impressed with the increased participation and we hope to see it continue for our next poll, which will ask you to vote for the music group you would most like to see reunite. Considering it will soon be summer and we are going to witness a bunch of bands do it anyway (Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, I'm looking at you) we might as well see who is the most desired reunion. Now before you vote, you must check out this ad I found of Paul Hogan promoting Australian tourism. It's gold. Keep on voting and we love comments, so throw some up.

Paul Hogan for Australia

1 comment:

Smeds said...

Those California tourism commercials with the governator stole Hogan's line "its a tough job but someone's gotta do it"