Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pics From The Calgary Zoo

I visited the Calgary Zoo and snapped a whole bunch of wildlife pics. The Siberian Tiger was hamming it up for the camera. The Lowland Mountain Gorillas were amazing. There were two females, a male (who was so huge the picture doesn't do him any justice)and a teeny-tiny baby who was full of energy. The highlight of the gorillas was a moment I wish I had on film, one of the female gorillas picked up a green tub and smashed the other female on the back with it. Incredible. The hippos were fat and just ate all the time, the spider monkeys were personable and came up to visit. Do yourself a favor this summer and get out to your local zoo or go wild at African Lion Safari. THE WILDEST PLCE ON EARTH!


Laura said...

i loved the 'rillas

emjay said...

me too! their wide variety of BOONS was astounding

Laura said...

you just love boons!