Sunday, March 29, 2009

Live Music Preview: Peter Gabriel and Travis Live in Monterrey, Mexico

My friend Nicole and I just snagged a couple of tickets to check out Peter Gabriel and Travis when they roll into Monterrey this Tuesday. I don't expect a lot of readers to be huge Gabriel fans, and the fact that he was in Genesis might not mean much to anyone either, but there was no way I could miss this show. I'm not a huge Genesis fan, but Gabriel's 1986 solo album SO might just slide into my Top 5 records of all time. It's an album I remember vividly from my childhood and when I bought my own copy a few years back I was surprised to find how many of the lyrics I had memorized as a child. Apart from the obvious hits of Sledgehammer, In Your Eyes, and Big Time, the album also features a blend of emotionally charged and experimental tunes that leave you with the feeling that you have truly digested a great album when the final number wraps up. I've never seen Gabriel live, but anyone that I've talked to who has tells me his live set is just unreal. So I am pretty interested to see how Tuesday will unravel. I plan to shoot some footage and I'll throw it up if I am successful.

As for Travis, I think the last time I saw them was in support for Oasis a few years back. They played alright and I use to dig them, but that was until I decided they are as boring as hell and I started to grow out of my Brit Pop obsession, but I'm sure 'Why Does It Always Rain on Me' will sound good after a cerveza or three. Check the videos down below and enjoy the tunes.

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

Travis - Why Does It Always Rain on Me?


Black said...

Sledgehammer is such a money video and to think it was made back in 1986 is pure madness. "I wanna be your SLEDGEHAMMER."

((())) said...
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