Monday, March 23, 2009

FOX NEWS -- We DESERVE an Apology

Fox News has never been the epicentre of morality nor has it been a champion of social justice. Fox News is mostly known for its consortium of horrendously right-winged neo-cons who spew some of the most unconscionable mis-information to millions and millions of American citizens, who are (for the most part) pretty impressionable.

Fox regularly hosts guests such as Ann Coulter, whose insidious remarks have made her the golden girl for the right. They also made her a best-selling columnist/terroist.

As for talent, well Fox doesn't spare a dime when it comes to investing in its talent pool. Incredible non-journalists who continue to ruin the profession for every young J-School student in the entire world such as: Michelle Malkin, Big Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

For the most part we aren't surprised when we see a preposterous take on realityby Fox News but this next video takes the cake. Not only is it full of arrogance and mis-information it is down right disrespectful and disgusting. We all understand the right to free speech and we love our freedoms in North America, but these guys need to be muzzled.

FOX News show Red Eye with Greg Gutfield is a white, low-brow, red-necked opinion show. It's actively participating in a secret campaign to destroy any and all possibility of achieving foreign relations with the outside world, by way of youtube clips. Since the Neilson Ratings report that nobody actually stays up until 3AM to watch this shit people have taken to PVRing episodes.

As a preamble to this clip, I'd like to show what I mean by how this show is contributing to the United States anti foreign relations 'brand' that Dubya's regime produced.

Red Eye's host Greg Gutfield and his pals have a running joke that Greg has "houseboys" of various ethnicities. These houseboys are unpaid, and are acquired through advertisements in foreign papers for students wishing to "learn a skill abroad." Some houseboys are said to have suffered an untimely demise. Popular houseboys from the past include "Dat Ho," allegedly Vietnamese, "Julio," intentionally mispronounced "Julie-Oh" with a j-sound, and the Greek "Pilates." Occasionally, the houseboy reference is altered to that of a "pool boy." Greg is always clear that every houseboy that he employs is over the age of 18, although the veracity of his claims is always subject to mirthful skepticism from the panelists.

Disclaimer: This clip is disrespectful to all Canadians at home or abroad.

I think Canadians and especially our military and police officers all deserve an apology. Perhaps we can craft our own letter to the officials at Red Eye and Fox News? What do y'all think?


Black said...

Wow, they air this shit eh? Frigid my ass bitch. This is a bunch of racist bullshit.

emjay said...

it certainly is bullshit ... i tweeted over to strombo to see if he will take them to task on the hour

jugsy said...

i would gladly serve consecutive life sentences, or be put to death, to have 10 minutes with the entire panel.

that is some ignorant shit

Laura said...

I still can't believe this ...

Earlier today the host "apologized"

"However, I realize that my words may have been misunderstood. It was not my intent to disrespect the brave men, women and families of the Canadian military, and for that I apologize. Red Eye is a satirical take on the news, in which all topics are addressed in a lighthearted, humorous and ridiculous manner."

Yet an earlier Twitter update from GregGutfeld read, "My apologies to the Canadian military, they probably could at least beat the Belgians."

also, the dumb guy who didn't even dress up for the segment and acts like a college stoner is Doug Benson, apparently he's a comedian. Sadly, his gig at a comedy club in Edmonton was cancelled... I say they should've kept it and had him face the music in this country.

Smeds said...

That shit doesn't get to me, it's just shock and awe nonsense for ratings. They make themselves look stupid by the garbage they are spewing.

Palehorse 222 said...

Hahahh this is great. I mean really, when will we finally be annexed?(if we haven't already) Canadian national pride hahaha its funny. I mean we have followed the American foreign policy of interventionism whicthe has got us into these retarded wars.

It's nice to say your Canadian, but what the hell is it to be Canadian? Is it maple syrup, hockey and healthcare? Personally I prefer american cars more than Canadian cars what about you?

Whats your favorite sports teams, cola ,Movies, Music, TV, Food,clothing Nasa-space (satelites-cell phones etc) exploration, automobile-well I think you get it!

Ohh and Don't get your panties in a knot, its not like we are still ruled by England-we fought for our independence, oh shit my bad tha was the Yankees and their revolutionary war- oops, I forgot WE were the readcoats.

Oh and lastly, this idiot who thinks the mideast wars can be won, I mean really, have the persians ever been conquered these people have been in caves fighting for eons-victory hah.

Regardless, I love Canada and America the same no favortites. God bless em both.