Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bruce Willis...Throw it all in and become a singer?

Our poll this week asks you what celebrity leading male should hang up their acting shoes and retire. Well, whether you know it or not, Bruce Willis has got one hell of a singing voice. Here is a clip of Bruno singing with the Temptations. Their song of choice happens to be 'Under the Boardwalk.' I think you will be impressed with Bruce's chops, as well as the Temptation with the low ass voice. So maybe Bruce could just keep going around opening more Planet Hollywood's and keep playing live shows. Then again, he might already be doing that. Keep it real though Bruce, cause Ashton ain't got shit on you. Well other than being 20 years younger and banging the shit out of your ex, but I mean apart from that you still rule.

Bruce singing with the Temptations:


jugsy said...

i couldn't even watch the whole thing... willis is just killing me.

where's the "yippie kiyay mother fucker"

Smeds said...

I had no idea Bruce Willis could sing like this, he's a legit double threat.

emjay said...

double trouble is right, Smeds. it's a shame he chose acting over a career in music.