Sunday, March 29, 2009

Live Music Preview: Peter Gabriel and Travis Live in Monterrey, Mexico

My friend Nicole and I just snagged a couple of tickets to check out Peter Gabriel and Travis when they roll into Monterrey this Tuesday. I don't expect a lot of readers to be huge Gabriel fans, and the fact that he was in Genesis might not mean much to anyone either, but there was no way I could miss this show. I'm not a huge Genesis fan, but Gabriel's 1986 solo album SO might just slide into my Top 5 records of all time. It's an album I remember vividly from my childhood and when I bought my own copy a few years back I was surprised to find how many of the lyrics I had memorized as a child. Apart from the obvious hits of Sledgehammer, In Your Eyes, and Big Time, the album also features a blend of emotionally charged and experimental tunes that leave you with the feeling that you have truly digested a great album when the final number wraps up. I've never seen Gabriel live, but anyone that I've talked to who has tells me his live set is just unreal. So I am pretty interested to see how Tuesday will unravel. I plan to shoot some footage and I'll throw it up if I am successful.

As for Travis, I think the last time I saw them was in support for Oasis a few years back. They played alright and I use to dig them, but that was until I decided they are as boring as hell and I started to grow out of my Brit Pop obsession, but I'm sure 'Why Does It Always Rain on Me' will sound good after a cerveza or three. Check the videos down below and enjoy the tunes.

Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer

Travis - Why Does It Always Rain on Me?

Blast From The Past: Neutral Milk Hotel - "Holland, 1945"

Pop, perfected. Come on Magnum, make another album, please.

What the Fuck? No More Flight of the Conchords?

Season 2 of the series The Flight of the Conchords has wrapped up and judging by the finale and internet gossip, there is chance that we have witnessed the end of the show. Season 2 had it's share of dull moments, but overall it was pretty tight. The songs were great and the last 3 episodes kicked some serious ass. I hope this is not the last we will see of these guys. I mean what the else is the actress who plays Mel going to do? I've included a video clip from the last episode that I feel showcases the genius of the show. The clip features the Conchords engaged in a 'Everyday Sounds' jam that just makes me laugh to myself. Jemaine's use of the pigeons is classic. Also, if anyone knows where I can pick myself up a pair of those Penguin pyjamas that Bret is sporting please throw the information down in the comment box because I need to pick some up.

Everyday Sounds

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Today, March 28th 2009 is the day when we are asked to switch off our lights for an hour to observe and call attention to the problem of Global Warming and thus cast our vote to take action against the problems we are facing as a planet with Climate Change. The hour in question is from 8:30 to 9:30 in your local time zone and if you want to check out the full details of the event you can head here.

Now at risk of sounding preachy or shitty, I want to throw out some information about this event. This will be my first year participating in Earth Hour. One of the guys that sings in the band that I am playing with down here in ol' Mex asked me if I would join him on a few tunes acoustically during the hour at a candle lit house party. I was quick to accept and looked into the event a little more and I have to say I think it is pretty interesting. So, I thought I would throw up the video that is circling You Tube about the event. Yes, the video is cheesy as hell, but I think it does the cause justice. Whether you think climate change is a crock of shit or not, this event is something that I think is within everyone's reach to participate in. If for nothing else it can at least call attention to how much we have come to rely on technology and increase awareness of the overall consumption of resources that we partake in every day. Check the video and consider taking part in the event, I mean what else do you really have to do tonight? Booze? Make Out? Take a shit? All 3 of those things can be done in the dark, so you have no excuse.

Earth Hour 2009

Feeling Down and Out? Read On

Tim Edwards didn't have much to look forward to in his life. He didn't have much of a life at all, actually. Tim is homeless, he suffers from alcohol addiction and drug problems. He lives under a bridge in Houston, Texas where he panhandles for food and money every day. Charity is what Tim survives on and a very strange charity is what has changed his life.

One day, as Tim panhandled near the freeway, (close to where he lives) he was approached with a unique proposition by father and son marketing duo, Sean and Kevin Dolan.

Sean and Kevin saw Tim, holding up a sign near a busy freeway that read, "Hungry, Need a day's work." Tim told Kevin and Sean that he had been homeless for the past four years and that he knew what time the freeways were 'hittin.' They asked if he would hold up a sign with their website http://WWW.PIMPTHISBUM.COM for $100 a day, guaranteed. Not a bad gig for someone who panhandles for a living.

Tim agreed and the traffic began rolling in. The outpour of support for Time was incredible. People were given the option to donate specific items to Tim, which inculded: a cup of coffee, a ham sandwich, laser hair removal, karate lessons and more.

Tim received more. He was given another shot at life through this website and through the campaign. Tim has landed himself in a Seattle alcohol rehab clinic and reunited with family he thought were lost years ago. *tear* He is also receiving training on how to use the internet to search for jobs and develop new skills that will get him on his feet.

Some interesting stats about the site:

It raised $50,000, a flight to Seattle from Southwest Airlines and Sunray paid for Tim's rehab.

From rehab, Tim participated in a chat room where he could engage with the thousands of people who have expressed their affection for him. It also gave him an opportunity to thank everyone for their support. *another tear* is a unique marketing and social engagement campaign that have received a lot of heat from homeless advocates. The website has been called degrading, insensitive and exploitative. Homeless advocates claim this website does nothing to address the issue of homelessness in America.

Tim feels differently, seeing as how he is homeless, lives in America and thousands and thousands of people frequent this site to find out how they can help.

Personally, I think the campaign is effective and obviously successful. Did Sean and Kevin save a hundred homeless people? No, but did they positively change the life of a man who was truly down and out? Yes.

Check out the site, and let us know if you think the website is good or bad.

FYI, today (March 28) is Tim Edwards 38th birthday. He has been sober for 18 days.

Infocredit. CNN.Com,Hubspot

Poll Feature: Pavement

So I thought I'd try to showcase a few of these bands in our "Which band would you most like to see reunite," poll this week. First up, Pavement. Now, if you aren't up on this band, here are some facts to bring you up to speed.

Huge Cult band of the 90's who never signed to a major label.

Lead Singer Stephen Malkmus dissed The Smashing Pumpkins in the tune 'Range Life,' which resulted in a verbal war between the two men, which would go on to last several years.

Original drummer Gary Young was a local hippie who would get wasted, hand out cabbage and mashed potatoes to the crowd, then fall drunkenly off his drum stool. He later was bounced from the band for allegedly pulling a gun on Stephen Malkmus.

I've included a few videos of the band for you to get a feel for them. The live footage from 94' is pretty great all things considering. Perhaps, the first thing you will notice is how relevant and contemporary these tunes sound, which we all know marks the sign of great tunes. Enjoy the music and consider Pavement for your vote. A gold star for the first person who comments what the diss is in Range Life.

Pavement: Stereo

Pavement: Summer Babe Live in 1994

Pavement: Range Life (Listen for The Smashing Pumpkins Diss)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Covers: The Tough Alliance

One of the things I've noticed while surfing online music publications and music related blogs is that there is a shit load of MP3 covers out there. Some of them are good, but most of them are actually really bad, or in some extreme cases, just little hipster kids being annoying. With that being said, I've decided to start a little reoccurring column on ahhh, fuck it, that will essentially sift through all of the covers out there and report on only the good ones. The column will henceforth be referred to as 'Covers:'. I know right, pretty original name. If this column would have started a few months ago, the first entry would have undoubtably been the Vivian Girls' cover of the Beach Boys' classic "Surfs Up". But, it's not a few months ago, so the inaugural song will be the newly released cover of the Zombies' "Hung Up On A Dream" by The Tough Alliance.

It's been a minute now since we've heard from The Tough Alliance. They've probably been busy releasing some essential Sweedish music on their label, but just last week this track surfaced on the interweb.  I'm not sure what this means for the band; if a new LP is eminent or if this is just a one off track. Either way, the cover is definitely a keeper.  Covers usually emerge in two different forms: as a completely faithful rendition of the song or as a reworked vision by the covering band. This cover falls into the latter category with The Tough Alliance applying their own brand of pop electronic sound to the track, yet the bare bones of what made this song a classic to begin with remain, and we are left with a nice re-imagining of the track.

This cover is in no way groundbreaking or mind blowing, yet it also isn't, in any way, cringe inducing. This cover should make it's way onto anyone's spring mix (assuming people are still making spring mixes), and it helps shine the light on a band that seems to get lost in the mix when people are having discussions about great 60s pop acts (assuming people still have these types of discussions).

Anyways, click here to listen to the track.

music to check out and random musings on music

2009 has witnessed an almost rebirth of independent music. No, I'm not talking about the increasingly corporate genre of 'indie rock', although it could be argued that there have been a number of good 'indie rock' releases this year as well, rather, I'm referring more generally to the music being made by people who fall outside the reach of any of the major indie record labels or major labels. These musical acts have bestowed upon us a heap of incredibly good material over the course of the first three months of 2009.  I've found myself enjoying more of the music that I have been exposed to over the past three months than I did over the course of the entire 2008 calender year. Arguably, a number of these bands are riding the waves of the internet hype machine, and they may never release another solid record or single, but that doesn't mean that these songs hit home any less.

Briefly, here are some bands and/or musicians that deserve your ear. I've included a link to the song as well as a link to where you can find more of their music.  Click on the song name to hear the music. I could probably list about 25 songs you should hear, but I'll keep the list somewhat trim to avoid overwhelming anyone.


Wavves - "No Hope Kids"  ---- More Wavves' music available here.

Dum Dum Girls - "Catholicked" ---- More Dum Dum Girls' music available here.

NODZZZ - "Losing My Accent" --- More NODZZZ music available here.

Micachu - "Golden Phone" --- More Micachu music available here.

The Phantom Band - "Throwing Bones" --- More TPB music available here.

DOOM - "Yessir" (ft. Raekwon) --- More DOOM music available here.

Mountains -  "Map Table" --- More Mountains music available here.

Here We Go Magic - "Tunnelvision" --- More HWGM music available here.

Woods - "Rain On" --- More Woods music available here.

Also, if you haven't already heard, the new Grizzly Bear LP, Veckatimest, is really really good. There are plenty of leaks floating around the interweb right now, and before any of you do-gooders out there complain about the ethical issues underlying leaks and piracy, band leader Ed Droste has already given his blessings to eager fans wanting to hear the new LP. So just do a quick search for a Veckatimest torrent and I'm sure you can find something. If you're too lazy to do that, I'll include a youtube clip of the band performing at SXSW 09. This track probably deserves a certified banger post, but I just don't have the time at the moment, and I've read way too much already about this album, so writing about it would seem almost redundant, and most definitely, unoriginal.

A couple other things: 

Start getting excited now, Sunset Rubdown has announced the release date of their follow up to 2007's brilliant Random Spirit Dreaming LP. The disc is entitled Dragonslayer, and will be available via Jagjaguwar on 23 June 2009. If album art work is any indication of what to expect from the LP, than Dragonslayer looks to be pretty badass.

Art Brut also has a new LP due in the near future.  The record is called Art Brut vs. Satan, and from initial listens, I would have to say that this album seems to be a return to Bang Bang Rock n' Roll-era Art Brut.  The album is due 12 May 2009.

And finally, Wilco *yawn* has apparently recorded a follow up to 2007's incredibly boring, yet surely a favourite among indie dads, Sky Blue Sky. (did I actually just use ** in a post? ugh) The album, which is yet to be christened with a name, is due sometime in June. I know, that's some pretty vague news, but hey, maybe Wilco is trying to build some pre release hype, and after that last album I can't say I can blame them for trying a shameless publicity stunt. Or maybe, the band is finding it difficult to come up with an even more lame or rock cliched title than Sky Blue Sky or A Ghost Is Born. Word on the street is that Feist will be contributing some vocals to this album. In the past this kind of news may have excited me, but a 2009 collaboration between Feist and Wilco is more of a corporate advertiser's wet dream than mine.

That is all.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poll Results: What is your dream country?

It was a close race, but Australia prevailed as your vote for dream vacation country. Home to Paul Hogan, Koalas and Foster's Lager, it is hard to say it wasn't a great choice. We were impressed with the increased participation and we hope to see it continue for our next poll, which will ask you to vote for the music group you would most like to see reunite. Considering it will soon be summer and we are going to witness a bunch of bands do it anyway (Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, I'm looking at you) we might as well see who is the most desired reunion. Now before you vote, you must check out this ad I found of Paul Hogan promoting Australian tourism. It's gold. Keep on voting and we love comments, so throw some up.

Paul Hogan for Australia

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blast From the Past: Limp Bizkit

Where were you in 1999? Well, chances are that if you were alive and anywhere near your tweens then you were listening to Limp Bizkit. Word on the street is that the band is set to reform and head out on tour again this year. I bet you are thinking the same things I am. First, What the fuck has Fred Durst been up to all these years? Second, How the fuck is guitarist Wes Borland still alive?

Anyway, I've thrown up a video for your stroll down memory lane. Now even you if think these guys sucked a big fat blue penis, they were FUCKIN' huge in the music world during their fifteen minutes. And maybe, just maybe, the Limp Bizkit train never stopped for you and you are still throwing "Nookie" on your IPOD. Enjoy the video and get out there and see them if that's your thing.

Limp Bizkit Featuring Method Man: N 2 Gether Now

Monday, March 23, 2009

FOX NEWS -- We DESERVE an Apology

Fox News has never been the epicentre of morality nor has it been a champion of social justice. Fox News is mostly known for its consortium of horrendously right-winged neo-cons who spew some of the most unconscionable mis-information to millions and millions of American citizens, who are (for the most part) pretty impressionable.

Fox regularly hosts guests such as Ann Coulter, whose insidious remarks have made her the golden girl for the right. They also made her a best-selling columnist/terroist.

As for talent, well Fox doesn't spare a dime when it comes to investing in its talent pool. Incredible non-journalists who continue to ruin the profession for every young J-School student in the entire world such as: Michelle Malkin, Big Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

For the most part we aren't surprised when we see a preposterous take on realityby Fox News but this next video takes the cake. Not only is it full of arrogance and mis-information it is down right disrespectful and disgusting. We all understand the right to free speech and we love our freedoms in North America, but these guys need to be muzzled.

FOX News show Red Eye with Greg Gutfield is a white, low-brow, red-necked opinion show. It's actively participating in a secret campaign to destroy any and all possibility of achieving foreign relations with the outside world, by way of youtube clips. Since the Neilson Ratings report that nobody actually stays up until 3AM to watch this shit people have taken to PVRing episodes.

As a preamble to this clip, I'd like to show what I mean by how this show is contributing to the United States anti foreign relations 'brand' that Dubya's regime produced.

Red Eye's host Greg Gutfield and his pals have a running joke that Greg has "houseboys" of various ethnicities. These houseboys are unpaid, and are acquired through advertisements in foreign papers for students wishing to "learn a skill abroad." Some houseboys are said to have suffered an untimely demise. Popular houseboys from the past include "Dat Ho," allegedly Vietnamese, "Julio," intentionally mispronounced "Julie-Oh" with a j-sound, and the Greek "Pilates." Occasionally, the houseboy reference is altered to that of a "pool boy." Greg is always clear that every houseboy that he employs is over the age of 18, although the veracity of his claims is always subject to mirthful skepticism from the panelists.

Disclaimer: This clip is disrespectful to all Canadians at home or abroad.

I think Canadians and especially our military and police officers all deserve an apology. Perhaps we can craft our own letter to the officials at Red Eye and Fox News? What do y'all think?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spanish Music Videos

Well, I've been down here in Mexico for almost two years now and my Spanish is finally starting to come along. I play guitar in a teacher band down here and we are trying to add a few Spanish tunes to our catalog, so I thought I would finally throw up some Spanish music videos. The first video is from Julieta Venegas, who was born in Long Beach California, but was raised in Tijuana. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and her track Eres para Mi is one of the songs we are trying to add. Now, I think the song is pretty catchy, but you might not. However, I don't think anyone can deny that the Octopus handing out the tickets in the video is money. The second clip comes from Manu Chao, who is even more interesting. Born in France, Chao is now a singer/politicial activist who sings in many languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. For all you guitar players, the trend for Spanish influenced pop musicians is to rely heavily on the up stroke for their rhythm parts, which leads to overall laid back feeling of the tunes. If you are not feeling the Julieta track, I am sure you will find the Chao track a little more accessible. It's a song of nonsense that will more than likely get stuck inside your head for a few days. So don't be a square and listen to the tracks. And make some comments for crying out loud. Enjoy...

Julieta Venegas: Eres Para Mi

Manu Chao: Me Gustas Tu

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Blast From The Past

It's been a while since we've had a blast from the past.

Aaliyah's death was one of the most tragic stories in music history. Her talent was much beyond her years, proving to everyone at 16 that age ain't nuthin but a number.
The album Age Ain't Nuthin But A Number ('94) made Aaliyah a household name. It was actually in Red's household where I first came across the CD and fell in love with it shortly there after. Back and Forth and the subsequent remix featuring none other than (alleged) prepubescent predator R. Kelly. Aaliyah appeared on about every one of my mix tapes from back in the day. I'd just like to remind everyone about how awesome and beautiful Aaliyah really was.

Here is a classic number one single from Aaliyah's incredible catalog of songs.

If Your Girl Only Knew (96)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Certified Banger

The wait is over for a new BANGER. This album has been out for a while now, but I've been busier than a Mexican roofer, and believe me they work their fuckin' asses off, so without any further ado, here is a new track. Knotty Pine is a collaboration between The Dirty Projectors and David Byrne that wound up on the Dark was the Night charity compilation . The result is a vocal masterpiece. Just give it a listen and without a doubt you will say to yourself, "Man, this chick can sing." And then a few seconds later you will think, "Holy fuck, then the guy comes in and harmonizes the shit out of the song, fuck, they both can really sing." Of course the track will be available on the sidebar, but I have also included a live performance of the band playing the track and explaining how they wound up on the Dark was the Night charity compilation. Make some comments you Scallywags and enjoy this nugget.

The Dirty Projectors: Knotty Pine Live

Poll Results: OK Computer is your favourite Radiohead Album

OK COMPUTER was your choice as favourite Radiohead album! As I confessed earlier, I had to cop out and vote that I couldn't choose just one album. Can you believe that the album was released in 1997? Can you believe it was only their 3rd album? Can you believe it went triple platinum? Well, you better start because all of that information is true. The album is a true piece of art though, so here are a few facts you might have also been unaware of:

Let Down was recorded at 3:00 am in the ballroom of the old mansion they recorded in.

Fitter Happier was written by Yorke after a period of writer's block and he has described it as the saddest thing he has ever written.

Paranoid Android evolved from a 14 minute version that was actually 3 different songs. Drummer Phil Selway is often credited for bringing the song together.

Below, you will find the video for Karma Police and the lyrics to Fitter Happier...Enjoy, and make some comments on new poll ideas.

Karma Police

Lyrics to Fitter Happier
more productive
not drinking too much
regular exercise at the gym (3 days a week)
getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
at ease
eating well (no more microwave dinners and saturated fats)
a patient better driver
a safer car (baby smiling in back seat)
sleeping well (no bad dreams)
no paranoia
careful to all animals (never washing spiders down the plughole)
keep in contact with old friends (enjoy a drink now and then)
will frequently check credit at (moral) bank (hole in wall)
favours for favours
fond but not in love
charity standing orders
on sundays ring road supermarket
(no killing moths or putting boiling water on the ants)
car wash (also on sundays)
no longer afraid of the dark
or midday shadows
nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate
nothing so childish
at a better pace
slower and more calculated
no chance of escape
now self-employed
concerned (but powerless)
an empowered and informed member of society (pragmatism not idealism)
will not cry in public
less chance of illness
tires that grip in the wet (shot of baby strapped in back seat)
a good memory
still cries at a good film
still kisses with saliva
no longer empty and frantic
like a cat
tied to a stick
that's driven into
frozen winter shit (the ability to laugh at weakness)
fitter, healthier and more productive
a pig
in a cage
on antibiotics

Monday, March 16, 2009

Radiohead: Live in Mexico City

This weekend, I slid on down to Mexico City, lone wolf styles, to see Radiohead. If you've ever heard anything about Mexico City, it probably was in reference to how over crowded, violent, dirty and dangerous it is. Now, I'm not saying that it can't be all of those things, but I can say that I had a great, safe weekend with minimal moments of fear. I do have to be honest and say that one guy came out of nowhere and creeped the shit out of me while I was reading in the park, but I mean that could happen anywhere in the world at any given time. However, if there are any demons walking on Earth, I can say that I've now had two demon encounters and one of them was this weekend, the other one, well, I don't want to talk about her.

Now, onto the show. First of all, I found Foro Sol to be a beautiful concert venue. It's a wide open baseball stadium with a gigantic floor and I just had to smile at the fact that I could see airplanes landing and taking off in the distance the whole time during the set. It was just really comforting to be enclosed with all those other fans, so focused on the show and oblivious to the whir of the madness of the modern world around us. The capacity for the venue is apparently 50, 000 and while I don't think there was that many people there last night, there were a lot of fuckin' people. I feel like any words I say here about the set are not going to do it any justice, so let me say this, it was amazing. I mean I could on and on and try to explain how great it was to hear thousands of Mexi's singing along in broken English to Fake Plastic Trees, or how great that rush was when those lights went out and Phil unleashed into the first few beats of 15 Step, but sometimes you just have to be there to know what it's all about.

Radiohead are one of few bands left from my youth that continue to get better with each album and their live set just continues to amaze me. Whether it's the intriguing light show, Yorke's new found 'Jagger swagger' or the beautiful music in general, there is always something to keep your attention. If you haven't seen the band by now, stop wasting your life and grab a ticket to one their shows because this is a band who are in their prime and I can't imagine anyone who enjoys their music to be disappointed with their live show.

The Setlist:

15 Step
There There
All I Need
Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
The Gloaming (Softly Open Our Mouths in the Cold)
The National Anthem
Faust Arp
No Surprises
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Fake Plastic Trees

First Encore

Paranoid Android
House of Cards
My Iron Lung
Street Spirit

Second Encore

Pyramid Song
Everything In It's Right Place (Intro of R.E.M.'s The One I Love to begin)

Now, I have included a video from the show, but I will warn you, I did not have great seats, so don't expect a music video here. The sound is decent though and I think it does a great job of capturing the vibe of the show last night, lots of singing and cheering, just thousands and thousands of people having a great night. I'd had a few beers, so a tripod would have been nice, but I mean come on, this shit is the real deal, so just enjoy it. Those who are lucky enough to have tickets for the rest of this tour are in for a treat. Make a comment if you like...

No Surprises Live in Mexico City:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pics From The Calgary Zoo

I visited the Calgary Zoo and snapped a whole bunch of wildlife pics. The Siberian Tiger was hamming it up for the camera. The Lowland Mountain Gorillas were amazing. There were two females, a male (who was so huge the picture doesn't do him any justice)and a teeny-tiny baby who was full of energy. The highlight of the gorillas was a moment I wish I had on film, one of the female gorillas picked up a green tub and smashed the other female on the back with it. Incredible. The hippos were fat and just ate all the time, the spider monkeys were personable and came up to visit. Do yourself a favor this summer and get out to your local zoo or go wild at African Lion Safari. THE WILDEST PLCE ON EARTH!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Poll and Poll Results: Steve Martin, you need to retire already!

Our poll for this week asks you to select your favourite Radiohead album. When you consider those albums, you have to just shake your head and think, "man it is tough to choose just one," which is why I wasn't able to and I chose the cop out vote. I must give credit though for the poll idea, as an old ladyfriend and fellow avid music fan suggested the idea to me. Considering I am making the trip down to Mexico City this weekend to see the band, I thought it was more than fitting to have it as the poll for this week. Now, Radiohead are notorious for great music videos, so I thought it would be wise to throw one up. This was equally tough to select, but I'm happy with my choice. Please make a comment down below if you think I fucked it up and should have chose another video.

As for last week's poll, Steve Martin received the most votes as actor who needs to just hurry up and retire already. I've included a video from 1976, yes, fuckin' 1976, where Martin has a few laughs with Johnny Carson. He kind of looks the same and it is funny to see how comedy has changed over the years. Enjoy that clips.

Radiohead: Street Spirit Music Video

Steve Martin in 1976:

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rootbeer sounds good

Pigeon John and Flynn Adam, collectively known as Rootbeer dropped their debut EP entitled The Pink Limousine on March 10. It's a really upbeat record that is definitely worth a listen. No official music videos yet but they do have a bunch of live footage. If you want to hear more of what they describe as "MGMT injected with some N.E.R.D and A Tribe Called Quest." The I recommend checking out their MYSPACE.

I'm sorta falling in love with this EP really quickly. It's got some awesome samples from my favourite Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique. I would say they sound like a mature Black Eyed Peas. Heavy on that L.A. pop, awesome on the ears, for real.

Since most of their EP is posted on their Myspace Page, you might as well just download it --> Pink Limousine.
PASSWORD = r00tb33r

Rootbeer performing So Good Live @ The Knitting Factory

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trent Reznor is on Twitter

Check it... Trent Reznor is on Twitter and taking shots at Chris Cornell's new album.

His latest tweet says: "You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable? Heard Chris Cornell's record? Jesus."

I guess Trent isn't feeling Cornell's new R&B experiment with Timbaland. The track is called Scream.

Trent's jab has taken literally less than an hour to get major traffic and @replys. Trent has over 30 000 followers on Twitter and a lot of them tend to agree with his opinion. One follower wordsmith451 sent Trent a warning saying, "@trent_reznor if you ever team with Timbaland, you will have legions of fans out to kill you... for your own good. :P"

What do you think of Cornell's new track?

More importantly are you on Twitter??

@emjay08 ... holla

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog

The only thing that could possibly top Old Man Blues Tunes' rendition of 'Yakiddity Yak' is this ... Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blast From the Past: Ginuwine - Pony

I was at a birthday party for a friend this afternoon and for some reason Ginuwine's Pony drifted into the conversation. I have no idea what spawned this thought, but I thought it was pretty important to add it on here nonetheless.

The lyrics could not be more obvious that ol' Ginuwine wants to get shit on and based on the repetitive nature of the song, it clearly illustrates the quality music that was being produced in 1996.

This video also made me remember that we forced ol' ScoNew to perform this song for an Airband way back in time. Ah, the glory days. Anyway, enjoy the stroll down memory lane and make some comments if there are any other tracks you want to see featured on here. Peace.

Ginuwine - Pony:

Street Musicians > Life

I've had some incredible opportunities not only to travel across this great nation of ours but I've also had the chance to live and work in three provinces (Ontario, Alberta and Nova Scotia). These opportunities have exposed me to all sorts of unique people and incredible talents. And by incredible talents I mean ridiculous street musicians.

I'm planning on video taping any and every interesting or just plain ridiculous street musician I see from now on because they provide some great content for the blog.

My first two videos will feature an artist from Nanaimo, British Columbia. A soul-filled blues diddy that amazed my Mohawk College vball teammates. My buddy The Hench snapped this wicked vid and trust me it never gets old. Listen closely to the lyrics as Old Man Blues Tune sends a powerful message to 'di yout dem'

This next video is in two parts ...Disclaimer: I'm super shit at taking videos but I promise my skills will improve and this content is worth it or I wouldn't post it.

I was at the Calgary Farmer's Market this afternoon and had the pleasure to see Dan the One Man Band. Dan rips it and was a really nice guy, he was a real hit at the

If you have any ridiculous personal encounters with street musicians, videotape it and/or get pics and we will post them.

Show Me Some Mountains

Last weekend me and the LF hit up Banff and Lake Louise for a romance getaway and let me tell you the aesthetics of these places are not justifiable by photograph alone. Do yourself a favor in life and travel around Canada because there are some truly breathtaking places that we tend to take for granted. This was my first time out in the Banff/Lake Louise area, take a gander at some of the pics I snapped.

The picture above is from Lake Louise. This little river connects to the bigger Lake and is right beside the extraordinarily posh Fairmont Lake Louise hotel.

When the sunrise hits the mountains in Banff. This is what you see from your hotel balcony

The top of Sulpher Mountain in Banff gives you an astounding view of the Canadian Rockies.

And finally, this shot was taken from the side of the highway. It's pretty much impossible not to stop and take in the scenery on the Highway 1.

I love pretty pictures from not so far away places and your own backyard is chalk full of them. Next time any of you scallywags are out and about, don't forget to take in the scenery, snap a couple pics and share the beauty.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Music from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

If Red was back in blog action, I am sure he would have posted this himself, but since he is not I thought I'd throw it up anyway. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah debuted this song last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The song is called Statues and I will say that it doesn't suck. I think it is a grower and I feel that the next release by the band will be an interesting album after the let down of Some Loud Thunder. So what do you think of the track? Maybe you think lead singer Alec Ounsworth's voice is whiny and shitty. Maybe you think their stage presence is shit. Or just maybe you are diggin' the track. Lets see some comments. Enjoy the track...

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Live on the Late Show with Jimmy Fallon:

Bruce Willis...Throw it all in and become a singer?

Our poll this week asks you what celebrity leading male should hang up their acting shoes and retire. Well, whether you know it or not, Bruce Willis has got one hell of a singing voice. Here is a clip of Bruno singing with the Temptations. Their song of choice happens to be 'Under the Boardwalk.' I think you will be impressed with Bruce's chops, as well as the Temptation with the low ass voice. So maybe Bruce could just keep going around opening more Planet Hollywood's and keep playing live shows. Then again, he might already be doing that. Keep it real though Bruce, cause Ashton ain't got shit on you. Well other than being 20 years younger and banging the shit out of your ex, but I mean apart from that you still rule.

Bruce singing with the Temptations:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Poll Results: What couple can you not stand?

So we asked you to pick the Hollywood couple that makes you want to throw up and you selected the Scientology duo of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Personally, I have to admit I was cheering for these two to win, just so I could post the clip that I have posted below. The clip in question features ol' Tommy freaking the fuck out on Oprah. Now, if you didn't vote for these two, then I urge you to watch the clip as it might change your mind. If you've never seen this clip, prepare for fist pumps, wheezing, couch jumping and hundreds of screaming women. If I was Katie Holmes, I would have ran the fuck out of that studio before ol' Cruise boy found me. Enjoy the clip and stay tuned for the next poll.

Tom Cruise Freaking the Fuck Out on Oprah:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

You want it, you got it...Asher Roth - I love College

Smeds called us out out for a post on Asher Roth's I love College and we here at Ahhhfuckit listen to feedback, so here it is. Now, Asher has not caught on at all down here in Mexico, but I am sure he is blowing the shit out of the U.S. and Canada right now. Sounding like a younger Enimem before he got so jaded, Roth's track is a musing on the joy of youth and the never ending party that is college. I would love to see some people comment below on what they think of this guy because upon researching the track I came upon this reaction from a Youtube user:

At first i didn't think this could be serious, I thought it was a satire....then I realized no, it REALLY IS a compilation of everything wrong and pathetic and weak and slimy and disgusting and retarded and shamelessly moronic and unbearably saddening about humanity.

So what do you think? Is Asher just another guy havin' some fun and makin' tunes for people to have a good time to? Or, is a symbol of what is wrong with humanity? While you are thinking about it, keep this maxim in mind, "Time isn't wasted when you're getting wasted."

Regardless of what you think, I am sure this track will be still kickin' this summer when I make my return to the Great White North. Make some comments.

ASHER ROTH: I love College