Saturday, February 7, 2009

You Can Find Me In The Globe and Mail Redux

Here is my repsonse to a question posed in the Careers section of the Globe adn Mail.

The question was about ethical behaviour on LinkedIn.

The last question

A reader asked: I belong to the LinkedIn online network, which keeps me informed about what my business associates and acquaintances are up to. Recently, I noticed that one of my friends is now connected to some people who could become good business prospects for myself. Is it acceptable practice for me to contact those people and offer my services to them?

The responses

LinkedIn ethics are very interesting. I would suggest two things: If you are worried about your friendship then ask your friend to “introduce” you via LinkedIn. Secondly, don’t offer your services if they aren’t required. Similarly to blogger relations, you should first establish a dialogue showing an interest in what they do rather than offering them a service they may not want.

Matthew John,

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