Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

The football season is done for another year and the Pittsburgh Steelers have emerged as Champions. In a game with lots of penalties and a few gems of glory, I can say that the second and fourth quarters were pretty great to watch. I was pulling for the Cardinals and they at least made it interesting.

SUPER BOWL 43 Observations:

Larry Fitzgerald is amazing and made the game worth watching. Though his father might actually be the next Earl Woods and Larry JR was probably beaten when he got home for not winning the game.

Santonio Holmes definitely got laid last night. I mean I'm still not certain he had that left foot in, but I would have given it to him as well.

Ben Roethlisberger was great when he had to be and a shit-box the rest of the time.

Bruce 'The Boss' Springsteen was as cheesy as Extra Creamy KD.

Now, lets take an extra hard look at Springsteen's performance. In short, I hated it and The Boss really let me down. First of all, where were the goddamn blue jeans? I mean I kind of expected him to come out in some faded denim and if we were lucky maybe a throwback bandanna. Besides his attire, his stage antics just about made me puke. From the stage sliding, to the piano leaping and closing it out with those theatrics with the referee, I hope I don't speak alone when I say I was ready to vomit up my pizza. It just felt anti-Springsteen and he looked like he was trying too hard to give everyone a great time. I mean the piano jump was uncalled for and don't even get me started on that shitty slide into the camerman, but I digress. Considering Bruce is already in the spotlight for that shitty deal that he signed with Walmart, this was his chance to rock the shit out of us, but I can't help but feel a little let down. Maybe I'm holding The Boss to too high of a standard, but that is the way I feel, so he is going to have to deal with it.

The Boss live at the Super Bowl:


jugsy said...

larry fitzgerald is a freak of nature, and unquestionably the best receiver in the game, and would have easily been the MVP if Arizona had of been able to hang on and win.

Larry Sr. is nowhere near the calibre of Earl Woods. Way too laid back and professional.

Santonio Holmes absolutely had both feet in bounds and will most likely get paid during this offseason.

What can you really expect from the Boss, during a superbowl halftime show. there was nothing wrong with his song selection... just that is how the halftime shows are gonna be from here on out... dumbed down versions of big names. gotta stay politically correct and not show any nipples you know.

and you forgot about defensive player of the year james harrison. longest play in superbowl history. give that man some O2

emjay said...

hahaha get him some 02 is right!

what a great super bowl to watch though, tons of incredible plays.

i would have almost chose Roethlisberger as the MVP. He made some ridiculous plays deep in their zone and under pressure.