Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Mack Returns .. emjay's -- Certified Banger

This might not make it's way on to the Certified Banger list (although it should).

British R&B super phenom Mark Morrison has done it again. This time teaming up with Earl Simmons aka Dark Man X.

If you haven't heard of Mark Morrison you are either too young to have truly enjoyed the decade known as the 90's or a huge lame.

Return of The Mack was one of the most successful R&B hits of the mid-nineties. He career has recently been stunted because of numerous criminal indictments. Check out his latest track below entitled, Innocent Man feat. (perhaps not-so-innocent) DMX.

Innocent Man



Black said...

I'm diggin' the song, but I have to say that those jail cell calls were super cheeseballs.

DMX is tilting.

jugsy said...

DMX is on fire. He and Jesus are gonna probably be hanging out a lot sooner than the dark man thinks