Saturday, February 21, 2009

How To Download Albums, Movies and Software FAST

It has occurred to me that some poor folks still choose to download Torrents or use Limewire, Sharebear, ARES and other services that can have you waiting upwards of days for movies and minutes for individual songs! Follow these steps and you'll be downloading like Dade Murphy in no-time.

In an age of cable internet, high-speed and wireless people are still happy with their wait times. When your cable provider tells you "lightning fast speeds" do you associate that with waiting 5 hours for a 700MB film? Not I, and neither should you. I am going to share some of my jewels with you, the ahhhfuckit audience and downloading Luddites.

Before we get rolling into the land of cyber-piracy and international espionage there is a tool you must get familiar with. There are others that I will go over in supplementary posts.

Tool 1: WINRAR

Winrar is a file compression tool that compresses data into smaller more manageable storage places. Think of it as a briefcase for clutter, we can't email folders to people but we can send .rar files. They are compressed a little tighter than ZIP files and are the preference of uploaders everywehre because it allows large movie files (.avi) to be split into multiple parts for our downloading convenience.

A .rar file will look like this --->

After installing Winrar you will be able to open Pandora's Box. Download SAFE VIRUS FREE Winrar HERE

Now we can unlock the fruits of our labour. Where is this labour conducted? and Where are the fruits? These are really good questions because Limewire and Torrents are easy to search through ... just type in what you want and there you go. The same tricks apply here. This leads us to the next tool in the 3lit3 downloaders handbook.

Tool 2: Direct Upload/Download Sites

The problem with P2P is that you have to wait for seeders and speed and availability depend on how good their connection is, how good your connection is and how many people are sharing the file. With direct upload and download sites that is no longer a concern. You will copy and paste a link (or several) into your search bar and bam instant connection, and speeds (depending on your connection)that can download at MEGS per second. What are the most popular upload/download sites? Well, according to market share the site and are the most popular when it comes to downloading albums, movies and software.

Rapidshare Looks Like This:

There will be two options when you reach the download part (this picture shows the uploading potion and highlights the max limit of each .rar archive). You will be shown FREE Download which allows you to download one link at at time at at generous but not top speed and you are shown a PREMIUM link which you get the top speeds and you are allowed unlimited parallel downloads. This translates to 1 movie file = 7 links - each 100 mb link will download at 4-5 HUNDRED kb/s and even more. That will give you a 700mb movie in around 5 minutes. With the free links (which are still better than torrents) You may have to wait upwards of 30-45 min.

Option two is MEGAUPLOAD ... The same idea applies here except the maximum archive is a little larger (around 250) The Free and Premium options are both available here as well.

Now we are acquainted with our download sites ... Where the hell do we find the movies, music and software?

Well that is the easy part. Say you want to look for a movie starring Jean Claude Van Damme well go to your Google type in "Jean Claude Van Damme rapidshare" and a whole bunch of stuff will pop up, some of it relevant some not so relevant. What I find with the Google search is that not only can you find what you are looking for, you will also come across awesome FORUMS, BLOGS, and NEWSGROUPS that have a million different things to choose from.

Now you have found your links and your libraries you'll be downloading like the King of Nynex in no-time. I will post the lastest episode of Flight of the Choncords and the new Elephant Man Album Energy God Greatest Hits for everyone to try out.

Flight of the Conchords

Elephant Man

If I haven't covered something that you need explained, drop a comment and I will explain further with pics and instructions!


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