Saturday, February 21, 2009

Certified Banger # 20 Josh Martinez - Goin Back To Hali feat. Classified and Scratch Bastid

I've raved about Josh Martinez for way too long without him getting his shine in the CERTIFIED BANGER SERIES. This is off of Josh's new album The World Famous Sex Buffet. This track hits me in the heart because I too will soon be goin goin back back to Hali Hali.

Sampled from LL Cool J's -- Going Back To Cali, yes LL Cool J and NOT the famous joint by Biggie Smalls. This song is just friggin great. Shot in Hali, you can see Citadel Hill, Pier 21, the MacDonald Bridge and KING OF DONAIR.


Sit Back and enjoy this great taste of CANCON and a true CERTIFIED BANGER.

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