Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blast From the Past: Radiohead - Talk Show Host

In honour of our poll this week, I thought I'd throw up some talk show related clips. The first video I have included is Radiohead's Talk Show Host, which you might remember being featured in Romeo and Juliet way back when. I always liked the way the song was used in the film. The video features clips from the film running to the song, which is a bit cheesy, but I think it's actually done quite well.

The second clip features Jay Leno coaxing Jennifer Love Hewitt into doing push ups on his show. I have no idea what the deal was behind this display, but I can say Leno gained a few brownie points with me. I have to say it ladies, but great cleavage is great cleavage, so cheers to J.L.H. for celebrating those beauties and sharing them with a national audience. I've never really been a huge Leno fan, but if this is the type of shit that is going on during his show, then maybe I should tune in more often. Love Hewitt is a scorcher and though I could not tell you what the fuck she has been doing with her life since Party of Five, I will say I'd treat her to a nice steak dinner and make her pancakes in the morning anytime. Thanks to Fark news for the tip on the push ups.

- Talk Show Host (Set to Romeo and Juliet Clips)

Jennifer Love Hewitt doing Push Ups on Leno

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