Friday, February 20, 2009

Blast From the Past: Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain, may he R.I.P.

Today, February 20th, 2009, Kurt Cobain would have been 42 years old. Whether you believe that he killed himself with a self inflicted gun shot to the head or whether he was the victim of a murder conspiracy, the fact remains that the man is no longer with us.

There really is no telling what Cobain would have been up to these days had he not died back in 1994 (Can you believe it was that long ago, it is 2009, wow). Would Nirvana still be together making music? I don't think so. Would he still be married to Courtney Love? I don't think so. Would he still be making music at all? I don't know. Would something else have killed him? Maybe.

What is really interesting though is that when Red and I had the idea to start up this blog, one of the first conversations I remember having was about Nirvana's Unplugged performance. We talked about how the set reminded us of a funeral service because of all the candles and flowers. We thought it was interesting that entire band looked, felt and played like it was their last show together. I mentioned that the setlist could be read as a suicide note with the most obvious evidence coming from the three closing selections.

The Meat Puppets:
Lake of Fire (A song about the after life, possibly suggesting that he would end up in hell.)

All Apologies: (I don't think I really need to explain this one.)

Leadbelly: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (A song about infidelity covered by a man with a whore for a wife, could he be hinting that Love was the cause of his pain?)

I believe it is really easy to read into things that have no ability to be proven true or not, but I also feel that sometimes it is fun to try and connect the dots, if for no other reason then to have a good conversation. I will say with confidence that Nirvana's Unplugged performance is by far the greatest in the series and really showcases the talent of everyone involved, although it does make Dave Grohl look like a knob and Cobain does come across as an asshole in the unedited version. Enjoy the video below and take a trip down memory lane.

Nirvana Live in New York: All Apologies

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