Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blast From the Past: Chris Farley

Speaking of cocaine users, today, February 15 th was Chris Farley's birthday. I loved the shit out of Farley when I was kid. I mean who didn't? The man was larger than life and a comedic genius. He was also a man who was known to have a love for drugs which led to his early death, but man did this man shine while he was around. I actually remember the day he died because a friend of mine knew how much I liked Farley and cut out an article detailing the events surrounding his death and I was pretty torn up about it. I'd stay up and watch SNL all the time hoping to catch a Farley tirade and I was rarely disappointed.

I've included a few videos down below. The first features Farley on Letterman in an energetic interview. The second has him doing a skit with Tom Arnold that I had not seen until today and there are some good moments in there. I have to say when he yells at the woman is easily the best pick up attempt. Enjoy and may you rest in peace Chris.

Farley on Letterman:

Chris Farley Picking Up Girls at the Mall:

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