Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Nominations : Can you believe Kirk Lazarus got a nod?

So, the 81st Oscar Nominations are in and for the most part they seem about what I expected, but Oscar is known for his surprises and this year is no exception. Let's start with what was expected:

got a posthumous nod for his role in The Dark Knight.

Winslet got a nod for at least one of her performances. [Best Actress in a Leading Role for The Reader]

Slumdog Millionaire continued to ride as the feel good film of the year into a nomination for Best Picture.

And Wall-E seems destined to hail as Best Animated Feature Film. [I mean I've seen Bolt, because my school went to the movies for our Christmas Party and believe me it was a shitbox]

But, I have to admit it is always more fun to look at the surprises and the snubs then the obvious choices. So here we go, onto the drama.

ROBERT DOWNEY JR. nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for TROPIC THUNDER? I can't say I saw this coming, but man am I glad it happened. I might be one of the only people I know that really enjoyed that film and although I can't say he deserves the Oscar, I respect ol' R.D.J's acting skills. Can you imagine Ledger losing out to R.D.J. for his role as Kirk Lazarus? I can smell the riots now, and by riots of course I mean internet message board backlash. Fuck, I cannot wait to see what clip they play for the preview of his performance.

The Boss was snubbed for his track in 'The Wrestler,' which he won the Golden Globe for last week. I mean fuck, the guy is set to rock the shit out of the Superbowl next weekend, give the dude a fuckin' break, HE'S THE BOSS for crying out loud. But, they did give M.I.A. a nod for 'O Sava,' from Slumdog Millionaire, so it should be interesting. Check out the track here. M.I.A. is a sexpot.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? A near record 13 nominations? Overrated? I saw the film last night and while I quite enjoyed, it's not my Best Picture of the Year. If you were to ask me, I'd have thrown in DiCaprio [Revolutionary Road] over Pitt. I really hope the CGI and makeup crew got a serious Christmas bonus this year from Fincher and Pitt, as they are the true stars of that film.

Now, I hate to say it ladies, but this year the race for Best Actor seems a lot more interesting to me than Best Actress. In what will most likely be a two horse race between Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn, I can't even make a call at this point in time, but if I had to lean I'd say Rourke will emerge with the Oscar. I've always been an underdog sort of guy and this year might be another underdog year for the awards, I mean COME ON, no BOSS.

And last, but not least, the category that I can say I am the most unsure of who will emerge victorious is Best Director. Considering that Best Director and Best Picture are mirror images of each other this year, I predict we will either see one film take both nods or a split between Slumdog and Benjamin with director going to Danny Boyle and picture going to Benjamin.

You can count on the next poll as having to do with the Oscars, so please leave a comment down below if you would rather it concern Best Picture or Best Actor.


jugsy said...

i have only seen slumdog and benjamin button thus far, but benjamin button is going to win best picture. it has that titanic feel to it that will sweep the academy off its feet.

i still have yet to view milk, frost/nixon or the reader so it is just my early favourite.

i liked slumdog better though but not much. i liked the wrestler the best of the 3 so far but still nothing stood out and blew me away

jugsy said...

benjamin button by far(so far)also deserves cinematography. the watching of the sunrise and the dancing in the gazebo at night in front of the fountain were by far two of the highlights of the film for me