Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just for Laughs: The Most Ridiculous Fight Scene Ever.

I think anyone in their right mind loves a good fight scene. People will go to the length of watching a horrible movie just to see that one fight fest that makes it all worth it. Now, I have to be honest, I snagged this idea for a Just for Laughs post from one of my buddies facebook video uploads, but I just could not resist. This fight scene is everything the title claims it to be and more. It starts off ridiculous and ends as cheesy as you would expect. There is also as much unwarranted toplessness as you would expect to see at a 98 Degrees reunion show. So thanks to Danny Mac for the idea. I think we here at Ahhhfuckit might have to ask you to have a guest spot every week posting ridiculous video clips. What do you think folks? Should we ask ol' Danny to become a guest clip coordinator? Throw some comments down if you want to see some more ridiculousness.

Enjoy the clips below, I also added a fight scene from the Bruce 'The Master' Lee. Enjoy.

The Most Ridiculous Fight Scene Ever:

You Can't Forget About the Master:

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