Monday, January 12, 2009

Dan's Video of the Week: Indian Thriller

We are proud to announce that we will have a new weekly post here at Ahhhfuckit. Each week, we will feature a video selected by Danny Mac. Based on last week's The Most Ridiculous Fight Scene ever and this gem that he has selected this week, I can predict that we are in for some dandy videos.

This week, he has selected 'Indian Thriller' as his selection. Leave it to Bollywood to throw us a classic rendition of a classic. All that I can really say is enjoy it and try to make it to the ending.

Now, if Brent Carter is tuned in, you might as well skip it, as your reaction to the conclusion of Slumdog Millionaire tells me you aren't going to like this clip one bit.

In closing, I'd like to say that Michael Jackson was the shit in his day, but man, did he ever hit bottom. I mean if there is a bottom to hit, after being on the top for so long, then ol' Jacko knows how it feels more than anyone on the face of the earth. Just look at that scowl, that belt, that white suit and then picture him hanging out in a tree at Neverland ranch. Shit is fucked.

Indian Thriller:

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