Saturday, January 31, 2009

Coachella Lineup

I for one am always on the lookout for a live music show. I've been to Bonnaroo twice, I've been to Austin City Limits, hell I've even made it to Chicago to see Pitchfork's festival, but I have not yet been to Coachella. The lineup for this year has been released and I can't say that it is horrible, but I'm a little puzzled by Paul McCartney. I mean Friday showcases McCartney, Morrissey and Leonard Cohen almost in succession of each other. Don't get me wrong, they are all musical geniuses but should Coachella maybe consider changing its name to Ghost of Music's Past? Now, if Sir Paul gets up there and sings a bunch of Beatles tunes then it might just well be the ticket of the summer, but if he is a shitbox, then well, you guessed it, Coachella will be a shitbox.

So with this pretty much being the first major North American Summer Festival annoucement, it will be interesting to see how some of the other festivals will respond. Will Coachella be king of the circuit? Or will someone else emerge victorious? Time will tell my friends...time will tell. F.Y.I. Bonnaroo will be announced on Tuesday February 3rd, 2009.

Animal Collective - My Girls Live at Coachella 2008:

Man, I fuckin' love this band.

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jugsy said...

mccartney is a tool... he is gonna dominate his set with his new album, which is a shit box in itself, and then throw a couple of wings tunes and maybe a couple of beatles tunes.

i hope he gets bottled HARD