Thursday, January 29, 2009

Certified Banger # 16

Franz Ferdinand have dropped their third album Tonight and I have to admit it is growing on me. I won't dare say it is perfect, but there are certainly a few bangers scattered throughout the album. Apart from the first single 'Ulysses,' which RED has already professed his love for and was right in doing so, another BANGER entitled 'Live Alone' has caught my ear. It is an upbeat stomp with a great back beat and catchy chorus. If I were to throw money down as to what the second single will be, this is it. Now, I might be wrong, but I swear that the driving force of the beginning of this song reminds me of The Band's 'The Shape I'm In.' I've included a live version of both songs down below, enjoy them and check out the album, it's worth your time.

Franz Ferdinand Live Performance of Live Alone:

The Band: The Shape I'm In


jugsy said...

go out yonder, peace in the valley... come downtown at the rumble in the alley... oh you don't know the shape i'm in.

been a while since i heard that one.

the banger is pretty money too

emjay said...

man franz have getting sooo much press .. print press too, is the album that hot?

Chris said...

I Just got a musical history of the band and its is fucking KILLER all the goods!!!! Loving it... Keep on Rocking

Black said...

The album is pretty solid, but it is really helping them that the year is so young and there have not been many releases yet. Vampire Weekend did it last year and rode their strong album all the way to the top, the more I think about it, releasing a pretty good album at the beginning of the year is one hell of a great idea.