Thursday, December 4, 2008

War Child Canada

War Child Canada has just released a new ad to raise awareness of true travesty. Children being used as solidiers in close to 19 conflicts worldwide. 

It is reported that over 300,000 children are being used to fight wars, mostly in Africa. Children are being used to fight tribal, political and gangland wars they have no business fighting in.  Young girls are kept as sex slaves, beaten and raped. 

"Lords of war" entice the young children with drugs, alcohol and food usually after raiding their villages and murdering their parents. As it stands, according to War Child Canada, over 2 million children have died fighting since 1996. 

Fortunately, we are able to help some of these children and perhaps save them from a future that will certainly lead to death, by becoming informed and becoming active. Share a little money, tell someone about this campaign or send this blog post around.

I'd appreciate it.

Here is the ad. Spread it around.

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Laura said...
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Laura said...
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jugsy said...

that might be the greatest advertisment i have ever witnessed in my entire life.