Sunday, December 28, 2008

WAKE UP: Slept On in 08 = Canadian Hip Hop

Canadian hip hop is taking an interesting turn these days and I am excited to see where it goes. "Grown Folk Music" is a term being thrown around by a lot of talented Canadian hip hop artists who are simply making music out of passion rather than contractual necessity.
"Grown Folk Music" is trendy, but you probably won't find many skinny jeans wearing, I Say Disco You Say Punk attending, hipsters bumping these next few albums out of their whips. You also won't find thugging, bling boys freestylin' over these beats either. However... you may find someone somewhere saying, "Hey have you heard of these guys?"

E-Dot and Darp Malone are: Hero
This album has been heralded as "ground breaking", "timeless" and "incredible." I tend to agree with all three of these descriptions and I would even be brave enough to suggest another adjective, classic. It has Darp Malone's soulful, well crafted choruses over naturally catchy beats accompanied by E-Dot's crafty lyricism. The tracks on this album are heartfelt and can really tug at your heartstrings.

5/5.... Bang This Album Forever.

Josh Martinez - The World Famous Sex Buffet

I have been raving about this album to Black and Red for more than four months. With that said, Josh Martinez is another practitioner of "Grown Folks Music." Real life tales that aren't filled with violence, absurd amounts of money or crimes. The World Famous Sex Buffet is such an interesting album because it is distinctly Josh in sound but you can feel the Hali and Van City undercurrents throughout the album. With features from Classified, Scratch Bastid, Evil and A.W.O.L. One, this is truly an album for the grown folks who are looking for something creative and passionate.
I'm a huge Josh Martinez fan so if you are looking for other stuff he has done look for .. The Chicarones and Splitsville... Great EPs, lyricism, harmony and honesty. Incredible.

Shad K - The Old Prince

2008 was an awesome year for Shad K. He linked up with the Halflife Crew and touring across Canada displaying his uniquely fresh sound for thousands. I had the opportunity to open up for Shad and Classified back in January and Shad really put on a great show. The London, Ontario native is gaining momentum and air play on 93.5 in Toronto which is one of the most competitive markets to crack. Shad's talent lies with his intricate wordplay, and sweet ballads and intellect. I think he has found a great place with BlackBox Management who are doing great things for Halflife (Class, Chad Hatcher, Mike Boyd). Have a listen to this Fanshawe alum and know that there is hope for hip hop, and it lies in the North.

Enjoy these albums ... go out and buy them and go to their shows when they come around, you will be happy you did.

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