Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To coalition or not to coalition...

It looks like Canada is on the verge of seeing a coalition government, made up of the Liberals, the Bloq and the NDP, take control of the country from Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. The move is being heralded as a needed measure in order to introduce an economic stimulus plan of nearly $30 billion to faltering sectors of the economy, such as the auto and manufacturing sectors. The coalition claims that the Conservatives are not only unwilling to put forth a plan like this, but that they have no immediate plan for a Canadian economy that faces a deep recession.

Now, as you may have been able to tell from past posts concerning politics, I am anything but conservative, or even liberal for that matter, with my politics falling somewhere in the left half of the NDP party. However, as much as I would like to see Jack Layton and the NDP party play an important role in Canadian politics, I just can't get my head around this whole situation. The federal budget hasn't even been announced yet, and won't be announced until well into January. How are we, as Canadians, suppose to just accept the word of this coalition government and believe that the Torries have no plans for economic stimulus? I fully understand the workings of our parliament system, and how they relate to minority governments, and I totally hate how the media and the conservatives have taken to referring to this move as a coup d'etat, but I just can't get behind something like this, at least not yet. Despite my strong feelings towards the conservatives and their supporters, this whole thing almost feels a little undemocratic at this point. That's not to say it is anti-democratic, but it just seems like the voice of the voting public may be getting lost in this whole thing. I mean there is a reason why this type of governmental change has never happened before. I understand that another election would cost way too much money, but wouldn't it at least legitimize the coalition or even the conservatives? Right now it doesn't seem like we have a legitimate leader.

I think what needs to be recognized here is that all of this was started by Harper's arrogance in announcing plans to cut political party funding. He obviously felt that, not only did he have the full support of the Canadian population, but that the opposition parties, in particular the Liberal party, was too weak and unorganized to really stage any real opposition to this move. His arrogance got the best of him, and now Canada is caught in a petty political squable when our political attention should be focussed on avoiding or getting this country out of a deep recession quickly. If this coalition government does go ahead, or we see another election quickly, I hope that the conservative party makes Harper pay for his arrogance and they nominate a new leader.

I'm also not sure if this whole economic stimulus package aimed at the manufacturing sectors is the right move either. With no nation yet to put forth a clear and coherent plan on how to operate amongst this world wide recession, it would seem foolish for Canada to be too quick to make any drastic moves like a $30 billion dollar package.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. One thing is for sure, this situation is helping to polarize political opinion in the nation, and it may even turn out to bring a number of big L liberals over to the dark side. It may also turn out that, if given the chance, Dion does a good job steering the country out of economic trouble, which would only help to rebuild the liberal base in Canada.  As well, this situation could be hugely successful or disastrous for the up and coming Layton NDPs. And who knows why the Bloq is involved, but I'm sure this will do nothing to their voting base. The Governor General is expected to make a decision in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on this situation.

I told you Canadian politics were exciting.


emjay said...

It is pretty exciting and actually unbelievable. Whatever happens jobs need to be protected, only last week 300 miners up in Cape Breton were laid off. Poor Capers, hard workers, it makes me sad. We need to protect jobs and fund infrastructure, throw some green energy initiatives in there as well. I think that is going to be crucial in stabilizing our economy.

ah, fuck it said...

looks like harper is going to ask the governor general to prorogue parliament for the time being, effectively shutting it down while his government scrambles to find a way out of this mess that doesn't include another election or a relinquishing of power.

also, he will be speaking on tv tonight at 7, check it if you can.

ah, fuck it said...

what a boring speech by harper. he did nothing to stabilize this situation, and really may have done more harm, alienating quebec supporters. but what the hell was the deal with dion not have his tape in to the network? i mean he got some unreasonable criticism for this, but, really, this is something that should have been there on time.

i thought it was interesting what that one talking political head had to say about harpers motivations. maybe he is just doing this in order to relinquish control because the next 10 or 12 months are going to be that rough. pass the blame off to the coalition and then swoop in and regain control in the next election, maybe even a majority.

seems a little far fetched, but damn that would be some serious politiking.

harper and GG meet tomorrow morning, looks like we might have some closure to this earlier than was first thought.

Samuel Ramos said...

I have to admit that the mastication of the juicy fruit gum started last week, sure is lasting a lot longer than I expected.

Harper is a bona fide dolt, or, genius. I'm not sure yet. I wouldn't put it passed Harper to look that far into the future for his precious majority.

I can't help but agree that I am not for the coalition, just as I am not for Harper. There is a serious lack of leadership in Ottawa, and as you said, the voice of the voting public is not being heard, making this seem jsut a little bit undemocratic. All I see is four white dudes whipping out there cocks to see who can piss the longest, and furthest. We really need some new people in Ottawa that are far more dynamic, and appealing.

The one thing this whole ordeal is is disenfranchising younger voters. It will only feed the cynicism/ignorance they have for politics. Hell, I'm a bit dismayed at this bullshit.

As for the BLOC...they sure are getting some good press, even if it is in the negative sense. They are thrust literally in the middle of all of this, allowing Gilles Duceppe to appear all smug in front of the camera to say, "what is good for Quebec is good for a sovereign Quebec." Both the Liberals and the Conservatives keep poking at the separatist/sovereign issue. Therefore continuing to legitimize the BLOC.

Tomorrow will be another fun filled day in the Juicy Fruit pack of gum that is Ottawa.

Samuel Ramos said...

BTW, I love the Bukowski/Chinaski quote. Oh how I would love to live a life at the horse track all day.

emjay said...

if it was a pissing contest, Ramos, I would be the Supreme Commander of this great nation.

ah, fuck it said...

yeah it looks like the BLOC is going to come out of this whole thing as the winner. no matter how it turns out, the BLOC has made their agenda of national interest again.

100% agree about harper. he is either a brilliant politician or a bumbling fool, just isnt clear which one he is yet.

all of this political talk has rekindled my love for policy.