Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things Fall Apart: Jimmy Fallon set to take over for Conan, but at least he's bringing The Roots with him...

Yes Jimmy, that was the same face I made when I heard you would be taking over for Conan on 'Late Night' next year. I will confess that I have not really been a loyal follower of 'Late Night' as of late, but I will say that when I find myself tuned in that I enjoy every laugh that Conan and that ridiculous hair of his deliver to me.

Perhaps, I am being a little premature in my dismissal of Fallon as a replacement, I mean maybe he won't be that shitty. But wait a second, I cannot forget, nor forgive him for making Taxi, nor the countless sketches he's fucked up over the years at 'SNL'.

But, bringing The Roots on as your backing band does catch my attention Jimmy, and it may sway me to tune into your first episode. So as of right now Fallon, 'You Got Me,' but don't think for one second that I will let you off the hook if you are a shit-box.

Here is a link to Fallon's web page for 'Late Night,' it features the official announcement of his house band and a look behind the scenes, check it out here.

Down below you will find The Roots jam on a version of 'You Got Me' with Jill Scott that shows off their neo-soul jam skills. Now, you might prefer Badu's version of the track (I know I do), but I assure you this one is still pretty tight and it's a better resume for their new found position.


ah, fuck it said...

i have a feeling he's going to be funny as hell. but i also had a feeling that the new x-files movie was going to be the sleeper hit of the summer, so i guess my hunches dont tell you much.

but i think that a variety show set up could work well with his mostly off the cuff humour.

cant believe the roots are doing this, what exactly is in this for them?

Black said...
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Black said...

I will say it has me interested. And man you were wrong about the X-Files, I think that hunch was just a hangover on how great the first season of Californication was and you just hoping that Duchovny could maintain his fire.