Friday, December 26, 2008

Shit-Box of the Holiday Season

Don't waste time and money going to see The Spirit because it is definitely the shittiest movie I've seen in a while. I'm actually surprised that this movie was getting good reviews, I mean I'm no movie critic by any stretch of the mind but seriously ... this movie sucked. The lead character played by some guy I don`t know was bruts, Eva Mendez (most scorchrocketingest) was bruts, and the story was also way bruts. 

The story of the The Spirit is a mix between Batman (protector of the city) and Spawn (he is dead but can't die), staying true to the dark DC themes. It doesn't evolve any of prevailing relationships built up through the entire movie, including a hot angel of death whose role in the movie is completely pointless. 

I mean I get it the guy can't give his heart to anyone because he is the dead city protector but why does every woman in the movie like this Zorro lookin' ass motherfucker? 

The highlights in this movie are by far Samuel L. Jackson in his portrail of The Octopus. Jackson is simply money as per usual. Another highlight was the array of scorch rockets in this movie, Eva Mendez, Scarlett Johansson and a couple other lovely supporters, made the movie a tad more visually tolerable.  

Overall this movie is a total shitbox. 

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