Saturday, December 27, 2008

Poll Results: How will you spend your New Years Eve?

Another poll has closed and as usual it was a close race, but getting DRUNK AS FUCK nudged out hittin' a House Party. Personally, I hope to do both. I can say that I've felt that New Years is overrated for a number of years now, but for those who need an excuse to go out and have a good time, New Year's Eve is a good one. So drink a ton, make out with someone and get your ass home safe.

For our next poll, we will be asking you to choose who you think has portrayed Batman the best over the years. Considering how often this conversation comes up within my circle of friends, I think it is time to see what some other people think, so click your favourite and let us see once and for all who reigns as the true 'Dark Knight'.


Black said...

I really hope West snags a few votes.

emjay said...

"i don't wear hockey pads"