Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Animal Collective

A new leak from the forthcoming Merriweather Post Pavilion LP has found its way onto the interweb. The track is entitled "My Girls", and upon the first few listens the track comes off as a very dense exercise of vocal melody and layered beats. The classic Animal Collective sound is definitely there, and this seems like it could be one of the standout tracks on MPP. My excitement level for this album just went up a few notches.  Merriweather Post Pavilion drops 20 January 2009.

Click here for the song.

For good measure, I thought I would include a clip of AC at the 08 Pitchfork Festival, which will probably go down as one of my favourite live shows of this year.

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ah, fuck it said...

the link is no longer working. ill update it as soon as i find another link.