Thursday, December 18, 2008

Most Overrated Things of 2008

After continually heaping praise upon songs, videos and television shows I started to feel almost sick to my stomach. It's just not my style. So, instead of writing another list of the best things of 2008, I thought I would take a little break before writing about my favourite albums and movies and give you a list of things that not only bothered me this year, but that were completely overrated by most people. Now, if this were a list of things that I hated from the past year it would probably span 500 entries or so. Therefore, instead, I kept the list short, and only about things that seemed to really take off in 2008. With that being said, here is a list of the top 5 most overrated things of 2008 according to me:

5. Lil' Wayne

I'll preface this little rant by admitting that Lil' Wayne's Tha Carter III will be found in my favourite albums of 2008 list. With that being said, Lil' Wayne's popularity has just gotten completely out of control. I mean, little children were singing "Lollipop" all summer long. It just seems a little too strange that a song that pretty much is a long metaphor for getting your dick sucked could find itself at the number 1 spot on the Billboard charts for so long. But forget about all that for a minute, Lil' Wayne was also responsible for two really bad releases this year, Dedication 3 and Tha Carter III mixtape, and a run of horrible guest spots, yet everyone is so quick to label him greatest rapper alive. Admittedly, rap has seen better times, but how does a guy who seems so lazy on so many tracks, and who only has one great album, The Carter III, and one great mixtape, Da Drought 3, under his belt suddenly come to be held in higher regards than other rappers like Jay-Z, T.I., Lupe, or even Eminem? I love Wayne, but he's a bit overexposed, and I think this sudden acceptance by the mainstream might result in some less than stellar, or even complacent releases from Wayne. Lets hope not. Lets also hope that Wayne has a quieter 2009, preferably holed up in a studio making a classic follow up to Tha Carter III.

4. The iPhone

I think my loathing of the iPhone stems from jealousy. I, like a number of other unlucky Canadians, am locked into a three year contract with Telus who is unable to offer the iPhone because their network is not set up for the capabilities of the iPhone. Beyond my jealousy, I'm just getting sick of the pervasiveness of the i-branding. It's like everywhere you look, someone is talking about or showing off their iPod, iPhone, or Macbook. Wait, maybe that is still me being jealous. But seriously, at a price of $599 for an 8GB model, is any phone really worth this much money?

3. Having a Baby

I can't tell you how sick I am of seeing pregnant women. That sounds heartless, but it seems like pregnant women are taking over the earth. What irkes me most about this whole 'baby boom' is that it seems to have its roots in the popularity of babies among celebrities. It's like people noticed in US Weekly or People Magazine that Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba were having babies so they might as well hop on the bandwagon. I know this all sounds a little too bitter, but do you know what more babies mean? It means that we are all going to be subjected to more breast feeding in public, more babies ruining a good meal at a restaurant and more times at family events where we will be forced to fawn over a boring little baby that isn't even cute.

2. Obama for Change

Okay, I know. Obama hasn't even taken office yet and I am already ready to deem him something less than an overwhelming success. It's unfair right? Wrong. With the appointments he has made already, it seems as though his administration is going to operate much like other centre right democrats. Which is fine, but I mean who really believes that revolutionary change will come under a right of centre democrat? Not only that, but it seems like Obama's foreign policy will be much more watered down than he promised. Yes it's true, he will serve as a much more open line of communication to foreign countries than George W. was, but Obama has already announced that he will only make limited concessions with Cuba, removing a few of the embargo restrictions, but keeping the major economic and social ones. Hasn't the gross human rights violations that the U.S. embargoes have imposed on Cubans lasted long enough? So much for democratic change I guess. But, with the lower expectations of the president that Bush Jr. helped to create, I'm sure Obama will go down as a success no matter how little change he actually brings.

1. The Dark Knight

This was an easy number 1 pick. The Dark Knight took hold of North America for nearly the entire summer, racking up huge ticket sales and opening to almost universal critical acclaim. Now I'm not saying The Dark Knight was a bad film, but it could not be more overrated. Everyone I have spoken to can't stop raving about this film. Worst still, there is a lot of internet buzz that The Dark Knight might even get a Best Picture nod from the Academy Awards. Seriously? Best Picture? I've heard this movie referred to as a super hero version of Heat, which I think is a pretty fair assessment, but was Heat ever considered to be a Best Picture contender? No, it wasn't. To be fair, Heath Ledger did a good job and Christopher Nolan made some great choices, but this film still felt incredibly long, a tad unrealistic (which I only mention because everyone keeps telling me how realistic it is), and a little bit melodramatic. And, Christian Bale sucks at playing Batman; great Bruce Wayne, but a shitty Batman. I think people need to take a step back and realize what this movie really is: it's a great super hero movie, but it does not transcend its genre's limitations. The Dark Knight is the perfect example of the power of the hype machine. If only people paid as much attention to some of the less heralded films of 2008 as they did The Dark Knight...


emjay said...

I totally agree with Bale shitting the bed as Batman.

Actually I agree with all of your overrated selections. Although I did love Dark Knight.


jugsy said...

babies suck! they should have been #1

but i agree with 'the dark night' as well. perhaps co-number one's for this guy

jugsy said...

also... christmas music should be up there too

it makes me sooo mad

Black said...

I've hated Bale's portrayal as Batman since day one, and I will go out on a limb and say that in the Dark Knight, he wasn't even that great as Bruce Wayne. Until his premature turn as Two Face, Aaron Eckhart was the dark horse star of that film. Ledger really was great and it would have been interesting to see what he could have done in a second film.

Fuck the I-phone, I just don't have a good feeling about it.

Chris said...