Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keisha Chante

Keisha Chante has been cast to play Aaliyah in a new biopic about the R&B singers tragic career.

This is going to be a huge feather in the cap for Keisha's young career. Keisha Chante looks a lot like Aaliyah and has a beatuiful voice, I'm guessing the selection was pretty easy.

Aaliyah Keisha

The Ottawa native has been doing a lot of acting recently. Starring in a tv drama called "Soul" as the character "Mahalia." Interestingly, a friend of mine from Halifax acted along side Keisha in this drama.

The picture on the right was taken a few years back when I was in j-school. Troy and I were super stoked about meeting Keisha, especially because she was at C.B. Stirling donating money.

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