Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just for Laughs: Demitri Martin Flip Chart

This guy is pretty funny and if you haven't heard of Demetri, then I urge you to watch the video that is included below. His use of the flip chart is pretty effective and his delivery is calm and smooth that reminds me a little bit of Mitch Hedberg, minus the obvious drug addiction of course.

Some highlights from his 'findings' section are his investigation of how interested he is about hearing about a girl's cat, the breakdown of Hummer owners and where pony tails belong.

At the end, he rocks a little 'art' section, which is also pretty solid. My favourite pictures include balloon animals I can make, C.D. or Boob and how to be a bouncer.

The fact that Demetri rocks a little piano and harmonica over the 'art' slideshow proves the man is pretty talented. So check this shit out. Enjoy...

Demetri Martin: Flip Chart and Art

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emjay said...

for even more enjoyment cop his compact disc "These Are Jokes" or itunes it up ...