Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Never Liked Kermit, Until Now

The Muppets have always been one of those childhood touchstones that I just never got. The humour just never did it for me, I was more of a Mr. Dress Up or Saturday morning Pro Stars type kid. Kermit especially bothered me; his voice was grating to my ears and his jokes were always so obvious, even for a six year old. But, with his recent turn in this LCD Soundsystem video, I might be willing to reconsider my feelings towards him. Doesn't hurt that this was one of my favourite songs off of last year's Sound of Silver.

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Black said...

So instead of Kermit, you were way into Casey and Finnegan, the boy and his dog who lived up in Dress Up's tree in the backyard. I never portrayed you as a Kermit hater Red, but I mean I should have known. And I mean Ol' Kerm had to deal with Piggy, who lets face it may have been our first encounter with an Ice Queen.