Saturday, December 6, 2008


A few days ago I posted a link of Stephen Colbert giving Kanye 'the business.' Colbert asked his viewers to take part in what he called, "Operation Humble Kanye." This was to be a collective effort, a coalition of the willing if you will, to knock 808's and Heartbreak from the number one spot on the itunes top sellers list. Kanyeezy didn't take lightly to that, no way. I mean after all he is the self proclaimed voice of this generation of this decade, is he not? The bigger question is, how does the voice of this generation of this decade make his voice heard?? Twitter ... obvi. You can follow that link to Kanye's twitter account ...

Kanye West: Who the fuck is Stephen Colbert?

Well well well, a little more heartbreak for Mr. West. For good reason of course, at five PM Stephen Colbert's Christmas album knocked 808's and Heartbreak from top spot on itunes. Take it like a man, you have just been humbled by the real voice of this generation... of this decade ... Stephen Colbert.

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