Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Free Shit

Over the past few weeks or so, a couple of good mixtapes have dropped. Clipse recently released Road To Till the Casket Drops tape, which serves a dual purpose: it acts as a holdover for their continually delayed follow up to Hell Hath No Fury, and it also helps push their new clothing line, Play Cloths (no that's not a typo). Although they don't bring the heat like they did on HHNF, Clipse still do the whole nihilistic coke-rap better than anyone. But on this tape, the coke-rap has transformed into cloth-rap, and as lame as that may sound, as long as Pusha and Malice are trying to sell something to you, be it coke or clothes, it always brings out the best in their work. Like the We Got It For Cheap mixtape series, and unlike the recent Re-Up tapes, Clipse have selected the best beats from recent rap and r&b releases. In particular, "Addiction" and "Numb It Down" bang the hardest. A couple of my favourite lines include: "Stumbled upon the rock like a pilgrim/made money, money made power/unstepped on as he came off the Mayflower"; "Verse pulls the sheets back to uncover Ye/808s and Heartbreak, that's the other Ye"; and "Live fast, die young/with this kinda pitch they should give me the Cy Young." This isn't another We Got It For Cheap 2, but it's still some good Clipse music.

The other mixtape that dropped is Esau Mwamawaya and Radioclit's Esau Mwamawaya and Radioclit Are The Very Best. This tape is getting some serious play from all of the major online zines. The tape is meant to serve as an introduction to the partnership of EM and Radioclit, with the group selecting some of the best songs from the past year and remixing them with EM's lyrics on top. The tape comes off as incredibly sincere without being earnest or cheesy. Some of the standout tracks include: "Tengazako," "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (The Very Best Remix)," "Funa Funa," and "Dinosaur On The Ark." Definitely one of the better mixtapes I've heard in a long time.

You can cop the Clipse tape here.

And The Very Best tape here.

Both are worth your time, and at the price of zero, there is really no reason why you shouldn't check both out. 

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