Saturday, December 20, 2008

eMJay's Top Ten DANCEHALL Artists of 08

I have been experiencing some serious technological deficiencies since I've returned from Haliwood and I feel that without my external hard drive to remind me of all the banging albums I've listened to this year, my list might be way shitty. What I can do is give you a taste of something I do know and that is DANCEHALL MUSIC, my friends. 

Here are my top artists of 2008, keep an eye out fi dem pon di next year.

10. Sizzla  
Sizzla is the most versatile artist on the scene. He can bang out hard tune
s and cultural ballads like, The Solution. This proud Rastafarian dropped `Rastafari,` in mid 08, a double album that might go down as classic.

9. Vybz Kartel (Portmore Empire)

2008 was a big year for the Portmore native. His feud with Alliance superstar, Mavado reach a f
everish pitch in 08 resulting in some real hard diss tracks and a banging album called The 
Teacher's Back. For those who didn't know Kartel used to ghost write for dancehall legends, Elephant Man and Bounty Killa.

8. Leftside/Mr. Evil
Without a doubt, the most controversial artist of recent years. The split personality of artist 
Leftside/Mr. Evil has drawn a cult like following around the dancehall scene in recent years. His content is definitely not for everyone but his skill can't be denied. His flippin' double lyrical pace and auto tuned melodies have me thinking Leftside/Mr. Evil will be have a huge breakout year in 09. 

Mr. Evil - Fluffy

7. Demarco (Alliance)

Demarco's tune Fallen Soldiers is one of my favorite songs of 08, his other big track, Duppy 
Know Who Fi Frighten (The Mission Riddim) was atop the dancehall singles for a good part of the year.  Demarco gets my nod for breakout artist of the year.

6. Damian Marley

Son of Bob.

Damian had a huge year without even releasing an album! He did however tear up The Mission Riddim. Out of every superstar artist that blessed The Mission riddim, Damian and brother Stephen out shined all of them ten-fold and the biggest names in dancehall appeared on that riddim.  


5. Serani (Alliance)

Another breakout star, Serani, was all over 
the charts all year with his bangers, Doh (feat Bugle), Stinkin Rich
She Loves Me and No Games. Serani has a beautiful voice and doesn't need a whole bunch of auto-tune to sound amazing. Serani 's The Future Mixtape is awesome definitely a great way to get a feel for Serani and his smooth ass jams. Backed by super producer Daseca expect nothing but heat on 09.

Here is Serani and Bugle doin' their thing.

4. Bugle (Alliance)

Bugle's distinct sound immediately caught my attention when I heard him in late '07. Bugle is my favorite artist of 
2008 because he just always makes good tunes. Also backed Daseca, Bugle dropped The Journey mixtape which is a friggin
' CLASSIC. There are songs on that mixtape that are so good I can't even describe it with words, so I'll let you hear them instead.

What Have I Done To You 

3. Busy Signal (Alliance)

Busy chimes in at number three this year. Busy has been 'busy' this year dropping a tremndous album, Loaded.
songs like Tic Toc, Real Jamaicans and Pon Di Edge. Busy is becoming a huge superstar in Jamaica and internationally. Busy is riding some serious momentum into 09. 

2. Mavado (Alliance)

Mavado had a meteoric sized year in 08. On The Rock Remix feat. Jay-Z (Misson Riddim), feautured on G-Unit's - Let It Go and a host of dubplates, beefs and number one hits makes Mavado the hottest star in dancehall right now. 

1. Elephant Man

The man, the dance, the legend. Elephant tops is my dancehall artist of the year for one reason. No one else on this list had anyone  break two world records then perform not one but TWO of the dances they made up. Thanks to Usain Bolt performing the dances that coincide with Elephant Man's songs Gully Creepa and Nuh Linga, Elephant Man found himself sitting at the top of my dancehall artists lists and millions of playlists worldwide.  Big ups to Elly and dancehall ... bless

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