Thursday, December 18, 2008

Certified Banger #13

In anticipation for our Best Albums of 2008 lists, which will begin tomorrow, the latest entry into our Certifiably Banging section proves to be a little more upbeat than the last few entries. Cut Copy hail from the land down under and have released, in my mind, one of the best albums of the year with In Ghost Colours.

It was actually hard for me to select one particular track for the BANGER, but I went with 'Hearts on Fire.' While slightly repetitive, the track continues to build and build over warm synths until it unleashes one hell of a sexy sax solo. Wait for it...Wait for it....Ahhhhhhhhhhh...there it is. Throw in a great subtle guitar solo for the outro and you've got a BANGER on your hands. Honestly though, the record is full of bangers and it would be in your best interest to check it out. Whether you're taking care of business, working, taking a shit or driving, the record is very adaptable to whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Lyrical Highlights:

I've been searching for a love alive
Drowning in the silence as we walk the night
Your hand is out and brushes mine
A moment that is frozen as we hang in time

I snagged a video which features a performance of the song live at Uma Bar down here in Monterrey, Mexico. I was there and man did they bring down the house. The video proves how live venues can really transform a song, as the energy of the track found here seems quite amplified from the album version. If you want to check out the official video of the song, you can find that here.

As always, check the side bar for the track and Enjoy...


Cut Copy live in Monterrey, Mexico:
(If you listen closely, you can hear me yelling out the chorus, just joking)


Karina said...

oh dude, in that case --- have you heard the Moulinex remix of Hearts on Fire? It's one of my top tracks of 2008.

Black said...

I will get my hands on it. Thanks for the tip...

Black said...

Checked it out and it was much enjoyed, thank you.